Deadlands: The Flood

One last letter...

To Sergeant Alex Ross

I go straight to business. Ace and I went to Collegium’s old ore collection station to find mark, but it wasn’t there. Ace left me in to wasteland and I guess he dragged me behind horse by looking my clothes. Anyway, when I get to ore collection station
I heard one shot down in the mine and when I get there, I saw…
I saw Ace laying there on ground his chest burst open. Bones where so far out and blood everywhere so only thing I could say. Dead, Ace is dead…

Sadly, I have to tell you that I left too. Bloodhunters are still there and I believed that Ace could even survive our mission to… well you know, but now he is dead and I really need make this up to him and for my family…. I’m sorry Ross but this must be done and it couldn’t wait until we are ready for this killing mission.

But if you could send message to ranger that not to kill me while I wander around Texsas looking some information about Bloodhunters. Hopefully we see again and you get our mission done. Show that motherfucker.

Regards Blake Eagle

P.S. And if you ever meet following say them that I’m alive…well still walking and I’ve helped you.

Marcus Eagle
Jessica Eagle
Theresa Eagle
Bruce Eagle

I wish you all best.



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