Deadlands: The Flood

Session recap 1: Battle of four armies and the Maze of fire

Fire will rise


This might be my last report.

As my previous reports have stated, things on west coast have gone towards worst. Warlord Kang has taken over Shan Fan and my suspicions about Reverend Grimme have been proven right. It ain’t no miracle that brings food to his masses, but the enemies of good reverend that are served for dinner. Worse yet, I’ve come to know that Good Reverend can have his heart pierced by bone and yet keep giving his fierce speeches like it was just another Sunday.

But my assignment involving explorer’s society revealed a way to bring Grimme and his cannibal church maybe with Kangs fleet on the same move using ancient power that is bound on glyphs scattered across Maze. Using them will invoke flood that should clean all Maze from this filth… the prize is high, but if nothing is done California will fall, rest of the West following in its wake.

Our search took us to Indian camp close to Shannonsburg. Little talk with their shamans revealed that army from Lost Angels was heading towards their holy grounds, which had one of these glyphs in it. As if this wasn’t bad enough Iron Dragons and our own soldiers were closing in, drawn by enormous amounts of ghost rock inside the very same burial grounds. When our nightrunners came to the burial ground an horrible sight meted us. Automatons of Wasatch Co. marched among the ranks of red cloaks swarming forward. It seems that two most powerful men in California have put their forces together for some reason and it will not end well for the rest of the West.

Our team ended up fighting with Indians to keep everyone else away from burial grounds. Fighting was fierce and by our help, Indians sent red cloaks running like wild rabbits. Unfortunately I lost most of my men to the Colossus, new clockwork death machine from Wasatch Co. As my people and the troops of Indians fell, last of us pressed to the burial grounds. Only two of us survived to cavern.

We did what we came to do. But I couldn’t risk to let Grimme know about the glyphs and about the fact that explorers society is trying to end his kingdom. I couldn’t risk someone else finding the glyph and ruining it all. I couldn’t let all our sacrifices go to waste. I ordered Blake to leave and continue our mission…

and I set the whole cavern on fire.

After the explosion the army of confederation took me as prisoner. I’m sitting in a dark cell waiting interrogation and possible execution for treason. My trusted friend Ray Holland will deliver this message so some greedy soldier can’t go running to Grimme and Hellstromme about all this.

If you want to take away my star, I understand well that you need to bow down to the army, but do not underestimate the threat of Lost Angels and Wasatch Co. If I’m to be executed, send a Ranger to look for Captain Pennington-Smythe and Mr. Dillenger from Explorer’s society. They have the details to continue this battle against Grimme and his allies.

Texas Ranger
Alex Ross



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