Deadlands: The Flood

Session Recap 30: Scientific Viewpoint

The gangs of Rulamer

Well, Rulamer has certainly proved to be an interesting town. Internal politics in here were not as simple as I first thought. After completing the “task” Mr. Renard gave us, we were approached by an associate of Mr. Webbe. This associate or henchman (or whatever you prefer to call them) led us to Mr. Webbe’s dwellings outside of Rulamer. It was a modest house, but quite luxurious compared to most of the houses and huts you see in California these days. After the introductions, Mr. Redhead gave us a yet another task. We were supposed to join the gang of one Mr. Brun, a big hulking brute of a man, and find out what he was planning and then report back to Mr. Redhead, whose name I still can’t remember. Mr. Webbe figured that Brun’s men were probably watching us quite closely, so it would be best that Redhead’s men would rough us up a little to make Brun’s men think that our meeting ended on a sour note. Too bad that they chose Restless Rattler as their punching bag, as evidently Mojave Indians don’t understand the concepts of a “plan” or “self-control”. After a little scrap between Rattler and one of Mr. Webbe’s men, we “fled” the property and were almost immediately contacted by Brun’s men, asking that if we would want to join them. We of course agreed.

We were led to a large barn-like structure, that housed the water-purification machine, Mr. Brun’s trump card. We were told that we would have to face some kind of test to prove our loyalty to Brun. Before we could take this test of his, one of Webbe’s crew showed up. It was the very same gentleman that Restless Rattler wanted to beat up for beating him up. Turns out that the man was a traitor. Who would have guessed? Anyway, he blamed us for being law dogs or some such and that didn’t sit well with Mr. Brun and his men. They attacked us, and naturally we fought back. It was an excellent opportunity to test out Molecular Reassembly. The new formula worked quite well, I have to say. I was a bit worried that I would simply disintegrate, making the word “Reassembly” in the elixirs name false advertising, but luckily that was not the case. Anyway, long story short, Mr. Traitor lost a leg and Mr. Brun lost his scalp, both courtesy of Restless Rattler. After the battle we dragged the traitor back to Mr. Webbe’s house. Webbe didn’t kill the man, instead he told him to gather up what was left of Mr. Brun’s crew and take charge of them and keep operating the water purifier. What a strange town this is indeed.

-Alexander Black



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