Deadlands: The Flood

Session recap 23: From the eyes of a Ranger

Spirit and a Ranger - Rockbottom

After all this time I underestimated him. His city. His power.

He was ready for our powers. His men standing vigilant, ready for witches… But even with that he can never be ready for normal man. He’ll never be ready for Sinfall

When I woke up in Perdition my soul was ablaze. I had failed myself and was eager to prove that I still could get things done, that I could still save my friend. I let my ego take a hold on me.

At doctors office I had a visitor. South had sent a “musician” to help me on my guest. Rodrigo Alvarez was his name. Mexican by birth, one man Southern fire-squad by trade. A shootist on top of his heavy armament. Huge asset. Sent to suicide course following me…

He was eager to help and perform his duty. Shows how much Maze has changed me as this seemed childish to me. If I ever get a chance, I should give him more credit, his path is hard and thankless, as is mine. Without too much thought I took him with me to attack Lost Angeles. Now it seems like waste of his life, but I was long down my way in revenge path.

As we looked for Big Tom, we run into Eagle. Marcus Eagle to be exact. He is Blakes big brother following our trace to Perdition with his… insight, inherited from their lineage from Whateleys. After he heard that I had traveled with his brother, he singed up to assist me with Lost Angeles. Mans overconfidence and impulsiveness were astonishing. Seems that whole Eagle family tries to prove that not all Whateleys are witches and cultists. I took him in paying him 50 dollars for some backup. I don’t think he even had time to use it before all went to Hell.

After these two encounters I finally found Big Tom drinking himself senseless. Be it my my plea for help, or the whiskey controlling his head, he agreed to take me to Lost Angeles. There we needed to get some information about time of Gaos transportation and other things that might get in our way when freeing him. Nobody knew anything more than posters stated and guardian angels kept their mouth shut. So we decided to capture Avenging Angels, a unit leader of Angels.

Plan was to lure him to docks and get me something of his own, so spirits could help to get him away from other Angels without raising suspicion. Eagle told me about his tricks and was set to pickpocket the man. Rodrigo used his Mexican fast-talk to convince that one ship had something wrong in it. I applied my Voodoo to ensure they bought it. When they saw the “poltergeist” I set up, they got a priest to inspect. Eagle took an amulet from Avenging Angels’ pocket while clad in shadows of other-world. We both hid, making sure that no arcane powers were present when priest came. We were sure that we had concealed ourselves…

…but it is the City of Witch Hunters, City of Grimme and we shouldn’t have trusted in what we know about our “normal world”. Even in Maze, Lost Angeles is far from normal.

They found traces of our power. Dragged Eagle and Big Tom to question them alongside outsider. Rodrigo came to stall Angels endangering himself in process. I had to do something.

I stuffed a sack full of ghost rock and ran into view, looking like a lowly thief. I got two of them after me, leaving five to guard others, hoping that they could escape or talk themselves out of it. I tried to make a run through couple alleys to get rid of my pursuers, but gunshots quickly got others to join the chase. They tackled me and beat me senseless.

As I got my consciousness back, they dragged me alongside docks. I saw Rodrigo using his hexes to blow three guards away. I tried to help them using my Voodoo, but I was too weak and darkness swallowed me again. As my body and mind let me down I saw Angeles shooting and beating everyone down, following by my own fall.

It was a risky plan from the start. I rushed to it, thinking I’d healed enough, that my will was enough to pull it off. Thought that city of witch hunters wasn’t ready for us.

I was a fool



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