Deadlands: The Flood

Session recap 24: From the eyes of a Ranger

Spirit and a Ranger - Breakout

We cannot take chances anymore… This is bigger than me… bigger than us. We can’t walk into Grimmes trap again, after miraculously getting away once. We have to leave Gao and Tom there. We can’t help them. I can’t help them.

In my dreams the Cathedral looms

They got all of us. me, Big Tom, Rodrigo, Eagle. When we woke we were at prison cell, rune inscribed shackles locked in our wrist and legs, stopping us from using our arcane powers. Except Tom, who was being held in different cell, probably to separate witches from common folk. Our trial was short, but surprisingly they didn’t execute us right away. Seemed that Grimme wanted to interrogate us to learn more of our goals, seemingly knowing about our venture.

We knew we needed to disguise our escape attempts so I started to play racist games with Rodrigo, getting in fights and both accusing the other for misdeeds.

When they moved us with prison cart, showing and declaring us as witches to people of the city, we started rocking the cart to tumble it over, seemingly fighting among ourselves. The cart flipped over and broke, guards pulling us out. As they waited for other group of angels to come to clean the damaged cart away, Eagle picked up nail as a lock-pick. Then angels threw us into ship to transport us to the Rock.

In ship we pick-locked the shackles and attacked the guard with Rodrigos tricks catching him guard down. As ship stopped at rock a shootout burst out as guards started looking for us and their missing friend. As Eagle fell to shotgun blast we thought we were goners for sure.

What we didn’t know, was that one of the Angels was working for Men of the Grid. He took couple Angels out, hijacked the boat and escaped to canal. Cooper was his name. He told us about contact, who would be our route to Men of the Grind if needed. Gunther Seebling was his name and he resided at the end of 6th street on a Boat called Wo Tan. If we need to go to Lost Angels, that could be the place to find information. If we’re ever gonna get there without Angels taking us in.

He dropped us to dock and gave us two pounds of Ghost Rock to help us to new start. But new start isn’t something we’re looking for now, it is something I can’t even think about before this is over. We headed for Perdition armed only with couple of shotguns, Guardian Angel robes and shackles that bound us. They got our weapons, our ship, our supplies… and my star. Maybe they burned it with my herb pouch, where it was hidden, or maybe they’ve got as a trophy. But it doesn’t matter. I’m not in this for Rangers anymore.

We need to end this. I need to end this. To avoid reckoning, to avoid blight that Grimmes actions are bringing to world. To make it right for all souls and lifes he has destroyed.

But we can’t let our humanity to cloud us anymore. We can’t save everyone. But we can bring an end to the Church of Lost Angels.

As we entered Dillengers and Smythes apartment in Perdition I had made a choice. We couldn’t endanger the mission for Gao. For Tom. We didn’t know about Blake and Ace, so we needed to regroup, rest and plan our next move… I know it was the right choice, but still it haunts me to leave them behind.

As Sunday came I sat alone, praying for Gao and looking to the might of cathedral. Cathedral that would fall by my hand, or destroy me completely



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