Deadlands: The Flood

Session recap 25: From the eyes of a Ranger

Spirit and a Ranger - Regroup

My dreams have changed.

No more the slaves celebrating, soaked by their masters blood. No more the fearful eyes of Master Ross looking up to me. No more I see you running away, scared.

I still see their faces and faces of others from my travels. But they just stare blankly to emptiness and walk past me, ignoring me totally. They walk through massive doors and I realize that I’m standing before the Cathedral of Lost Angels. I see you , Evelyn, waiting inside the cathedral. I try to warn you. I try to run inside, but cathedral just seems to be farther away and its doors close in front of me, trapping everything I knew inside.

And I’m all alone again.


During our stay on Perdition strange things have started to happen. On Sunday night Lacy O’Malley came to meet us. He told that he was on Lost Angels following the Exorcism of Gao. He told that it took many hours and finally a Chinese daemon came out of Gaos’ body and was sucked inside Grimmes’ staff… but strangest thing was, that Gao still “lived” after that. None of us know what Grimme did to him, but he might have drained the arcane powers Gao possessed to himself. That would explain his power. Anyways, Gao seems to live, and hearing that, talking to him could give us a lot more information about Grimme and his power.

But before taking a risk by trying to save him we need to make sure that the ritual is ready, so our work will not be in vain. I told others to search Dillengers and Smythes library as I consulted spirits. I lost my trinkets to LA and seems that my new ones don’t have as much power. I found out nothing, but others got some theories about possible places for glyphs, if Collegium ruins would be empty. We decided that Jesofat Valley residing North was a good place to check. We also thought that on the way it would be smart to visit Dragonhold, as it’s owner Sutton Thacker was educated on these unworldly things. Rodrigo also had an idea to forge one of our arcane shackles to bullets, to see if they effected unnatural beings.

Couple days later it became clear that it was empty… A letter from Blake was brought to me and told about what happened. Ace was dead and Blake left to continue hunting Bloodhunters. We’d lost two valuable allies in one go. It pained me, but I understood Blakes’ choice. He couldn’t continue with this suicidal cause and know that if we all fell, Bloodhunters might get away with their sins. This wasn’t his fight. Receiving that letter made me more sure about our path to North and my choice to play things safe from now on.

By the eve of our departure to North we received another strange message. An old Indian man, The Green Iguana, came to our door, looking for “those who hunt the runes”. He told that angry Indian warrior Hasteli hunted us. We were told that Hasteli was a powerful hunter and he would find us, guided by the spirit world. I figured that our best bet was to keep moving until we found out more, to avoid further conflict. We decided to leave next noon.

Cathedral looms in my dream once again. I hear the pleas for help coming inside. I run to it. I bang the doors, but I can’t open them. I drop to my knees my hands bleeding from assaulting the door. Blood gushes under the door and screams from inside grow louder.

And the door opens. Black man, top hat on his head opens it. Scarred and battered, another form stumbles out of the door. His eyes burn with hate and vengeance. I know his hateful face.

As I look again to man with top hat I see his face. It’s painted with white, forming a skull and his strange green eyes stare at me. And he closes the door, leaving Sinfall and me outside the cathedral.

And the bell tolls



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