Deadlands: The Flood

Session Recap 28: Same Family, Different Story

Is this the end

We woke up to another beautiful day in here, California. Everything was good, I wasn’t hungry anymore, booze was cheap and there is not a single moster around… And then I really woke up…

My chest hurt like hell and it felt like my lungs are getting out… My condition is getting worse.. That idiot mambo jambo shaman cursed me… Fucking great…

My sister found a healer from Asia to help me. He did good job… I was getting better. We found indians aroud here and we asked about these earth marks and our mission, but they asked too big sacrifice. Blood wasn’t enough for their ritual, they asked whole hand…

We headed to north, ‘cause we heard there is something strange happening. Agency and Ranger groups have gone missing. Me, Bub and Pryce headed there, ’cause Ross couldn’t move. Ace and Jess stay there to take care of him…

Locals in New Opportunity didn’t know what is in north. They told us its dangerous are…
Bub was healing me and finaly I felt much better. I guess curse was finaly gone.

We send message to south and Ross, Jess and Ace rided here. Ross can finaly move. Good. Good. Next day we started looking around here. Why would trained agents and ranger went missing?.

We had to camp here for the night and we found an old church what was collapsed. There where one location to camp there. There was a crack on the ground. At the night I saw something shining in there, but I kept my mind about it. I will go look in there morning.

Morning we climbed down there with Pryce and there were these old gold coins and cave… Pryce went there and found this old letter. Text was spain I guess… Bub translated it and JACKPOT!… It told us where the last mark was… It was right here and Pryce went there with Ace to spill some blood.

Now we were ready to meet Grimme. Only bad thing was there is still one and a half month left till the D-day… We started our journey back to south. At Shan Fan we went to another mark and now all of us have been spilled some blood to this ritual.

Grimme, you are going down!



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