Ace Sinfall

Gunslinger / Gunsmith / Bounty Hunter


Nickname(s): Willbane
Age: 36
Born: ? . ?.1844
Known for:
Years active: 1861-
Spouse: ? ? ?
Children: ? ? ?
Occupation: Gunsmith / Bounty Hunter
Religion: Christianity
Quote: ”Where the hell did I put my flask again…”


A story from the bartender

Ace Sinfall aka “Willbane” is one mean bounty hunter. If the wanted poster says “Dead or Alive”, the criminal is not going to come back unscathed. I have seen him one time, when he was escorting a local horse thief back to the sheriff. Only thing that did not look broken was his legs. If Willbane would have had a horse, probably the criminals legs would be broken too. Just too lazy to carry the thief.

I’ve heard he is a bloody good gunslinger too. Do not anger him unless you are ready to duel the man. If anyone pisses him off enough, he challenges the poor bastard to a duel. He is a good shooter, but not really fast. The thing everyone fears in him is the stare. A stare that could kill a man. Goddamn his eyes give me the creeps. There is just something wrong. It is like he looks right at your soul and tries to rip it off without lifting a finger.

They say he is looking for someone. I am glad it is not me. That man would receive a beating worse than any of his “targets”. Only weakness I have noticed, is alcohol. The man drinks whiskey like a horse drinks water. Let us hope he drinks himself to death before he visits my saloon again.

Ace Sinfall

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