Blake Eagle

Huckster & Gunslinger.


Hair: Black
Eyes: Deep green and there is definetly something about them…
Age: 25

Far, far away from California…


Hey, name is Blake, Blake Eagle.
I used to live in nice little village near Lake Cascade in Idaho. Now you ask name of that nice, quiet and peaceful village? I can tell you there is nothing but ash and dust there…

Few years back I was eating dinner with my family when all of sudden we heard screaming outside. My father look out of the window and saw people running, houses burning and friends and neighbour dying on the street. We just take off and left everything behind. Best plan was to split up and meet someday somewhere. Maybe someone could get to the state seriff and told what happend.
When I get outside I saw some strange man burning houses with flamethrowers and torches and few of them was just shootingin everything that moves. Who the hell was these dickheads? No, they where not in the agency I can tell you that and not Rangers from the south… Well, I didn’t have a chance and I really didn’t even want to ask them now. They where shooting everyhing almost me too.
I lost those men in the woods and went my “secret place” where I used to play when I was child.
There I spend night wondering, why, where is rest of my family and who are those guys.
And yeah, maybe its good to mention that there was only Hucksters in that village and there is part of Whateley in me. Yeah, yeah, you say the reason is that blah blah… Maybe it is but still why, not all of the Hucksters are bad. Some of them do only good. Okey, we get our powers from manitous but we play fair game of poker with them and they lose. Bets are fair, my soul vs powers of manitou..
Anyways, next day about noon I went silently back to the home. There was nothing but ash, dust and corpses there. I went there, where my home used to be and found only my mom’s golden necklace. I took it and left. There is nothing left. My family is most likely dead, my friends, well dead too. I saw Tim and Daniel on my way here…

My plan was simple. Get the hell out of here, as far as possible. I leave everything behind and start again in south where nobody knows me. I traveled years, doing some jobs for food and place to stay at nights…
Two weeks ago I heard that one ship is looking for some crew. It was on its way to town named Pertition. Never heard of it before but when I ask where it is, aswer was more than pleasant. It was in south and more than that. It is new town, maybe I could start again in there. So here I’m at the ship on my way to peaceful and safety new life…

Blake Eagle

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