Josh Winters


29 years of age, quick as snake but sluggish in his moves this brave man is fast with his gun but better with his toungue.

Quote: ”Two things go straight to a man’s heart, bullets and gold. ”


Deep blue eyes with twinkle in them and hazel hair are the most distinctive features of this man who has seen things that most folk have not even heard about.

Early life of his he lived near the town of Amarillo just north of there his father own a few acres of land there and raised some 15 head heard of cattle, that’s job he was raised to too and boy he was good at it. One year when he was makeing drive for Stoutsville with nearby farmers heards he came a cross young and beautiful girl whose name was jennie. Josh fell in love and built house for them near Stoutsville and they were starting a family, but Mayor Grimmbergens son Kyle was also in love with Jennie thou that wasn’t mutual and after too many shots of whiskey he force himself to bed with Jennie, while Josh was out of town. Jennies mind was devastated from it and she took her own life. When Josh came back and found out what hade happened he was furious and in his anger he challenged mayors son to duel. Kyle was fast and drew first, but too hasty in his shooting and missed, Josh took his time and shot him in his gut.
I took 3 days to Kyle to die from his wound and after he passed on Old Mayor came to Josh claiming that he’d drew first and was to be killed by his crime. They dragged him behind horse for few hours and then tossed him to near by cannyon. Lucky for Josh there was small river on the bottom so he didn’t die, but was now drowning. When faced with a do-or-die situation he was forced to learn how to swim and to his surprise it came to him easily.

After getting off the canyon down stream he was saved by band of bandits known as Carrans gang. He felt like it was his duty to help mans who saved him and after he learnd that Mayor had put 3000$ price on his head preferrably dead he chose to stay quickly raising to be one of Eliah Carrans most trusted men.

It was after one too close call of a mission that they came across man who named himself Jose Parente. He claimed to know a location of an actual Aztec gold city and it didn’t take long to peak Joshs intrest. When things got too out of hand in north Josh decided with gang to head south and find the treasure. Journey throught Mexico was with it’s own problems and they lost few good mens whilst on it. After deserts scorching heat they finally enterred jungle where temple was rumorred to be within. After an anguishing two months of riding since mexican border they finally found mountain with desolated mining camp on its side. Inside they found old temple made not with gold but ordinary stone. It was there that Grimbergens men surprised them with southern army. During the fight cave beginged to flood from lake near by and all but three men drowned Josh Winters, old mayor Grimbergen and Stout Southern Captain with weird eye scope. It was last light of day in which Winters and Grimbergen duelled and Josh was to prevail, like his son Grimbergen drew first and missed Josh takeing his time shot him into guts and then tossed grimbergen to tumble down mountainside after shooting him once more to the noggin’.

It was couple long months before Josh got back to soil he could call home and found Stoutsville abandonned cause it was in hard land and after leader died and contracts with indians stopped no man could live there. Josh found new job in tombstone as cowboy in his time there he heard about explorers society that might be interested about his adventure and their members would be found somewhere in the Maze. He tagged along to ride from tombstone to yuma. They went alongside ghost trail and heard troubling news from people trailing from Lost Angels that Hellstomme had bombed the city with something called ghostrock bombs.

Josh Winters

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