Marcus Eagle



Eyes: Deep green
Hair: Black
Age: 29
Occupation: Bounty Hunter


Well, Blake have told you about my past about ten years ago. We lived happily etc. Village got attacked by Blood hunters and they burned it down to the ashes…

Few of the man followed me while I was running away from there. Three of four, I didn’t have time to look back and then DEAD END. I was surrounded by four guys with pistols pointing at me… What did I have. Revolver on my hip but they where ready to shoot already… Well I have no choice that draw and shoot… Luckily same time some lawmen came down and took those out those man and saved my live.

They where hunting these blood cold killers and I was ready to help them, because they destroyed all I had. I lost my whole family and I didn’t know where they were. I started looking for information where did they go and are they even a life.

Four years later I have had enough information to start hunting blood hunters.. I found few of them and started nicely with questions. But after few “fuck you, I don’t tell you anything” I start shooting on knees and areas that doesn’t kill you, but hurts like hell. Only thing I get out that way was they found my mother and raped her over and over again and then they shot her. I killed this guy slowly by bleeding him to dead drop by drop…

Three years ago, I met my wife. We lived on ranch, few days north of Salt lake city. One day, I got letter for friend of mine in Seattle, that he had seen my brother Blake there. It was definetly him, because Mike thought that I was there… I had two choices, follow this clue or stay here and never meet my family again… I told my Susan that I had to go and she understand. All she said was “Take care of yourself, send me letter by time to time and I love you”…

For now, three years, I have followed clues for my brother and now I walk this new town near Lost Angles, Perdition was the name… Last and hot trail leads here and I hope I get out some information about my brother..

Marcus Eagle

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