Deadlands: The Flood

Session recap 22: From the eyes of a Ranger
Spirit and a Ranger - Fallen star

I should have died yesterday. I should have died years ago in that barn. I should have died many times, but surviving and carrying the burden of my failings is my curse. It would seems that spirits won’t let me die and get out easy.

Everything is crumbling. After Mercer died by Eagles hand in duel, it has felt as if sky is coming down on us. In Shannonsburg things still looked like improving. I finally got my promotion. Then they put Kangs diplomat following me. “to improve our diplomatic relationship with Kang”. It seems South is now in same boat with that powerhungry madman. We tooked him in and continued to Perdition. There we found out that despite medical attention and my Voodoo Wandegrift had died to his illness from statue.

In Perdition we got a hint that GoldNose Slim was in town. Talk in the streets told that he had ridden with gunmen and Guardian Angel to North. We followed. Wong Fei wouldn’t stay safe. We found cabin where they were. After short negotiation shootout broke out. To keep his men safe, their leader, Randall Hensworth challenged me to duel Goldnose Slims freedom as bet. I accepted.

When we started to circle it hit me: so much was riding on me. So many has died for this, for me. I stressed out and drew first.

When his gun fired I embraced the freedom it offered.

I woke up here, in Perdition. Ace and Eagle had left to follow clue that Goldnose told them. It seems that after duel Wong Fei broke the truce betveen us and got shot. Next day they found Goldnose. Seems Slim had offered more to Randall than Angel could. Ace and Eagle left for old Collegium ruins. It seems they’re still following through with this. Propably better this way. I’ve failed them. Like others. Baane. Hungry Bear. Bronson. Winters. Mercer. Gao.

Gao! The exorcism is this Sunday. Ace and Eagle won’t make it on time. It’s up to me. Gotta make this one thing right.

If I can’t stand like a man with my brothers to stop Grimme as it is, I can try to save even one life I left to rot. Maybe I’m not good enough as a man to continue this battle… But it was as a shadow that I fought best.

Session recap 21
The "diplomat" from Shan Fan

“Why did 師傅 Kang wanted ME of all people to play a diplomat for that 狗笨蛋 fool Norton? Perhaps just to irritate me. And on top of that, the fool of an admiral at the Confederation base said that I would be travelling with an “group of professional soldiers, some of the best that the South has to offer.” I have never in my long years heard such profound 廢話. The “best of the South” as that 白痴 admiral put it, are a ragtag group of drunks who sail on a boat comparable to a row boat. And they are led by an 黑鬼子 no less, who, sadly, seems to be the most accomplished of the bunch. The others seem like your typical low-life and scum that one sees so much here in the West."


師傅= Sifu (master, teacher)
狗笨蛋= Gǒu bèndàn (dog fucker)
廢話= Fèihuà (bullshit)
白痴= Báichī (retard, idiot)
黑鬼子= Hēi guǐzi (black devil, nigger)

Session recap 20
Final thoughts

“Damn them! Damn them all to hell! They would have never gotten this far without me, and this is how they repay me? I should have severed that bastards head from his body long before this, but I was blind. I should have noticed that the Whateley bloodwitch was a walking corpse. The others seemed to know, but they kept it as a secret. Why? Why would they hide his true nature? Maybe they are all like Eagle, demon-possessed hellspawns… yes, that must be it. That must be it! Maybe they never intended to bring Grimme down and they are searching the glyphs for some plan cooked up by their infernal masters residing in the Hunting Grounds. That Whateley servant, James, was probably on this too. That’s why Ross protected him in Gomorra, and that’s how it found us in the glyph cave. It was all an ambush to get rid of me… ahahahahahahhaaa… that must be it. They are all in this together, demon spawns and witches, all of them. That’s why they all just stood there and watched. That’s all they did, JUST STOOD THERE AND WATCHED! And now my life ends here, on this desecrated ship. But they will all get what’s coming for them. Divine retribution will find them, no matter where they hide. I’m sure of it… AhAHAHAHaHAhaahhAhahahAHhahAHAaAAAAa… people may die, but vengeance does not.”

Session Recap 19: Story of my life part 4
Whateley's blood

Hmm… How can I put this… Something strange happened to me today, like every day nova days, but yeah back to the point. Last think I remember was that Big Tom incite me to climb over flipped wagon to see what is inside it. I fell to a haystack and Tumblebleeds knocked me out. Now I was staring paper that my blood family member had wrote while ago in here Whateley’s manor… How the hell I got there. Only thing I remember between that was a terrible nightmare that I had seen since Mexico and when Tommy Knockers got me.

Anyway, there was this 18-20 looking brawny guy named “James” looking us amazed. There was something wrong about this boy. He didn’t remember anything about past, other people. Only thing he remembered that where the manor’s library was and that’s all I need to know about right now.

There I looked books about Whateley, because there could be something about Whateley’s sanctum. I know that there is place for us, if thing go south. But knowing the location was a tricky part but I know where to find it. Before I focus it I tried to look books about magic and I got some luck with me. I find Hoyle book of games -77, well its new but fast looking it trough I might learn something in there.

While I was reading Mercer, Ross and James was looking around the house and Ace was READING. Yes, I didn’t know that he will read anything else than name on the whiskey bottle, usually he skip that too.

I begin ritual at the cellar. Everything was going okay, until I accidentally skipped a row and… Next thing I remembered was location of a Whateley’s sactum, pain in my armpits and on my cheek.
I looked to a mirror and fuck… Now I have dint in my cheek. Well fuck it, we have lots of thing to do. Big Tom said something about it what he things funny and I was about to shoot him about it. That man is starting to get on my nerves. Mercer told that James eated black skull, that was a heart of a big skeleton and started to argue with Ross about to kill James because of it… I really didn’t care. This is Maze, you eat what you have to eat.

After few moments we was ready to go. We headed to a Whateley island where the sanctum and the Earth mark was. When we was near, Big Tom told us that he saw Kang’s ship in the bay. What the hell gooks are doing here. Another side of a island was a old harbor where we left our boat. Mercer and I when up to a mesa and saw ruins and some gook patrol and one ogre with them. Great… Gook’s have destroyed this place and they should all die right now…

We sneaked to a ruins and there I find something interesting while others was searching secret door to a cellar. Page I find was a page of a book called Necronomicon. And that’s some interesting shit. Others found a secret corridor behind a bookshelf. We started to work our way trough the rubble.

At the night Ross wake me up to my watch. He said he will show me the best place to be. There he told me something that I really didn’t want to hear to anyone. Usually these stuff you want to find out yourself and let nobody know about it… I was dead… A Harrowed, demon inside my head… That explains everything.. Ross told me that tumbblebleed killed me, but since I have seen nightmares when we was in Mexico. I think Tommy Knockers killed me there… Well fucking great. This mission was hard without this… Now I have to fear that its takes control and I mess up with everything. That’s why I told Ross that if he things that I’m losing it, he will let Ace just shoot me in the head…

At the morning we continued. Me and Ross when to a little sneaking mission to the bay. There we find out that they were mining something there, maybe ghost rock. But more shocking things to come. Their commander here was Sun Tzu, Kang’s war tactician. How didn’t he noticed us. Well we warn other that who are we against here and that they patrol island with boats too.

While other dig I read more about that ritual and noticed that it should tell blueprints of this place. I did ritual all over again and now it worked. I saw Gook’s mining progress too. But there was a cave under water which connects to tunnel to ruins. We started to figure out plan to get there and for that, we need Ross’s powers. He when to do his rituals…

Session recap 18: From the eyes of a Ranger
Spirit and a Ranger - Streets of Gomorra

Looking my friends fall for an insane cause, I can’t help myself from thinking. What if I would stop pretending and took the fight straight against South. Became the man I was. The man you loved. The man you hated.
I need to keep in mind why Agymah is buried…

It’s this city. Gomorra is lost. It’s populated by monsters and walking dead. All is burned down… and my stubborn companions don’t help, it’s like they’re blind to danger.

When we arrived, Big Tom came with us. We decided that first we’ll look over the ruins to see what lurks in here and then find the Whateley manor. Ace and myself were searching through ruins of warehouse, when others stumbled in to stable full of Tumblebleed and they drained Eagle dry. When I came to help him he didn’t breath. I healed him with Voodoo, but his heart didn’t pump. His blood didn’t flow like it should. He wasn’t alive, not really at least. He’d became Harrowed, a spirit lurking in his mind.

I had to tell someone. So I chose Ace, for Mercer would have killed Eagle without thinking. When Eagle wakes up, I need to talk with him, but right now I don’t need anymore losses for our cause…

While I looked after Eagle, a new Abomination attacked. This one was three people joined together in one mountain of flesh. After that one was taken care of, I stayed to look after Eagle and barricade Saloon while others continued to search the city.

First thing they do: They split up, Mercer leaving Ace and Tom, drunk as hell, wandering the city. They were ambushed in church. Stupid overconfident drunkards ignoring haunted city and acting like they were in Austin. Sound of shooting got me and Mercer moving. Church had a squad of undead on their way to devour these two. We mostly stopped them, but in the process explosion knocked Mercer down. I got everyone more or less back to their feet and we headed to Saloon to recover.

Tomorrow I’ll continue straight to manor. Hopefully Eagle recovers, for I’m not sure if others can come with me with their wounds.

Session Recap 17: From the eyes of a Ranger
Spirit and a Ranger - From journey to Gomorra

I’m not sure if I can do this. Being Ranger. Changing Souths opinion on black population. Taking down Grimme.. Most of the time I’m so conflicted. I know that the path you wanted me to take is right one, but it’s tougher than I could even imagine… and I don’t even know if you’re dead or alive…

I can’t show others my weakness. Under Sinfalls tough shell, he’s still lonely man who misses his family, Eagle has lost as much, and more, than anyone of us and is on top of many witch hunters list to put on fire, but neither one couldn’t see me doubting our mission and still follow me… and Mercer.. well he hates weakness most on our little posse and lately he has sunken deeper on his anger. Man has family waiting for him on Iowa, but still he continues to wander on California. Is he seeking redemption, vengeance or escaping himself?

We, well Ace actually, hired a captain for us. Thomas “Big Tom” Mercer. He is Jacobs’s uncle, but they don’t get along too well. Tom is a drunkard sea captain who has travelled most of his life. Not sure what to make of him, but we need every hand on deck, especially after Ace got his leg shot off with his show of guts and Eagle got his hand ripped off trying to be a hero.

On our way we stopped to visit Perdition and Shannonsburg. I gave Army info about Army of Nights movement and also told them about supposed death of Santa Anna and the Planta Kritaee herb, that makes walkers tame.

On Perdition, I learned that Grimme is about to exorcise Gao Lin in a mass. I promised myself that I wouldn’t leave any of my friends behind, but it’s obviously a trap and endangers our mission. We shouldn’t just walk in to it, but I can’t live with myself if I know I didn’t even try… He got captured and I was watching his back.. and failed big.

What we also heeard was that every posse Explorers society send to investigate the Glyphs have disappeared. We suspect there might be a traitor, Hellmann being our best guess, his escape from the rock being way too easy. He left to Back East, but Mercer still gave him some false information about our plans, we left it to Dillenger and Pennington-Smythe to keep an eye on route that we gave him information about and also look on to things on Lost Angels.

And it seems that Jade statue Winters carried around has more to it than we thought. Wandegrift was inspecting it and blew himself out. We hired a doctor to look after him and I used some Voodoo, but he didn’t wake up, but we didn’t have time to see if he gets better. The Explorers Society seems to bee crumbling, as if things weren’t bad enough as they are…

There is two weeks to the exorcism and at this time we’re following a lead we found in Sunken City. After Gomorra, I need to decide if I should bring others with me to stop the exorcism of Gao or can I trust others to keep going on with this venture.

We’re headed for Gomorrah now and I fear that things are just getting worse…

Session recap 16: Diary of Jacob Mercer
Return from Mexico

“I can’t hear them anymore. The Saints have abandoned me, and my powers are lost. Permanently, perhaps. Maybe this is a sign that I should lay down my sword. We’ll see.”

“Our journey back from Mexico could have perhaps went better. Ace lost his left leg after being shot nearly fifty times by Santa Anna’s men. It is a miracle that he is even still alive. Santa Anna himself ended up to the only place fitting for a man like him and that is the bottom of the Maze. Maybe it is for the best that I recount here the happenings that brought us up against Santa Anna. Raus, the Mexican “resistance” leader told Ross that a merchant near the border was in possession of Santa Anna’s prosthetic leg and Raus wanted the thing for himself. The leg was originally claimed as a spoil of war by the United States army some 40 years ago in a battle against the General and his troops. The leg, apparently, was a status symbol to the Mexican army. It was kept in a museum in Springfield, Illinois. How the merchant came to acquire it, is a mystery. He claimed that he bought it from someone else, which I find highly suspicious. Shortly after leaving Mexico, we found the store. It was a wooden shack out in the middle of nowhere. It dealt in all kinds of curiosities, of which most were probably fakes. The pegleg, however, turned out to be the real deal. Another curiosity that we found in the store was a man claiming to be my uncle. I still have my doubts about him, but at least he seemed to know my late father, so there may be some truth as to what he is saying.

As we were negotiating about the price of the leg, it’s former owner arrived, backed up by 50 men with rifles and gatlings, demanding the leg back. Men with suspicious minds would probably say that Santa Anna’s arrival was more than a coincidence. Despite our attempts at negotiating, it quickly turned into a battle. As Santa Anna’s men tried to shoot me and Ross, the bullets seemed to avoid us while I was holding the pegleg, which led me to believe that the it may possess some kind of strange powers.

The battle didn’t last very long. Ace and I killed Santa Anna, which made his men flee, but not before they nearly killed Ace. All 50 of them opened fire on him simultaneously. As the men began to flee, despite the warnings from the Saints, I cut nine of them down where they stood. The price I had to pay for this, was my powers. Or maybe the price for saving Ace was giving away my powers. Anyway, I threw Santa Anna’s body to the Maze while Ross began operating on Ace. As I wrote earlier, Ace lost his left leg so Ross planted Santa Anna’s prosthetic on him. The shopkeeper whose shack was now in ruins and the old alcoholic claiming to be my uncle asked us to take them to Perdition. We loaded the unconscious Ace to the boat and started our journey towards Perdition, and ultimately, Gomorra"

Session recap 15: Zombies & Explosions

Once again, there is a town where I can not go back. Mexicali, the base of Santa Anna. Or former base, I think. Anyway, our first try in terrorism or sabotaging did not went well. Our dynamite pack exploded, so we had to improvise. But I’m getting ahead of myself.

We were right under the base, in some kind of jail. Some soldiers fed the undead in the cells with meat and “mystical herbs”. The herbs seemed to make the undead relaxed and controllable. We waited for our moment and attacked the guards. I knew if we left any of them alive, they would be a problem. But noooo, Mercer wanted to spare the bastards. Well, not my problem if some day he is recognized by the soldiers and their 20 friends on the same squad in the middle of nowhere. We will see if they give mercy.

We saw that those zombies were loaded to trucks with uniforms and guns. Santa Anna uses undead soldiers! Well, not really suprised by the idea. Undead do not stop until you shoot them in the head. Normal soldiers start crying after their mommas when they stub their toe.

Well, Raus wanted us to destroy the two factories. A weapon factory and a car factory. We took some uniforms and started investigatin’. They had some kind of shack, where they grew the mystical herb, the two factories and some fortification here and there.

We went back to the zombie jail and started ponderin’. While we did that, Ross & Mercer found a small crack on the ground, inside one of the jails. And for some reason, they started to play moles and slithered the small hole to a cave. Not really sure what happened there, but they said they found the rune. While they were away, I and Blake kept watch. After an hour or so, Blake heard a scream or something and ran off to the cave, where Ross & Mercer went. I heard some faint, running steps and Ross calling Blake.

When the whole gang got back up, Blake was missing his right arm. Did not really expect that. I offered him some “medicine” to take the edge off.

So, we got the rune and we were ready to blow stuff up. My job was to destroy the weapons factory. Their security was horrible. I just walked in the gunpowder storage, turned a keg sideways, made a line of gunpowder, lighted it and ran like hell. That was Mercer’s cue to stuff the other factorys pipe full of potato sacks, so the ghost rock boilers would overheat and explode.

We ran back to the jail and heard the orchestra of magnificent explosions. We had no time to see the fireworks and just ran like hell back to the tunnels were we came from.

I hope Raus is happy. The place is now a ruin.

Session recap 14: Story of my life part 3
Viva la resistance

We left San Diego and its horrors behind and headed to Mexico. Walking, in Maze. Well we deside its the best way get to Mexico, so Santa Anna and his army couldn’t notice us.

Walking few miles in Maze takes really long time. And Ace made it even harder. He had to take is nag with us. Next day we were close Mexicali, maybe too close because we saw Santa Anna’s warship getting closer and closer that mesa where we was standing. We hit the dirt and let it pass by.

About fifty minutes later we made it to solid land. We walked few hours and then we saw six man approaching us. Five of them was pointing rifles at us. My hands started to move closer to my six-shooters. Twelve bullets, six man. I could kill them twice before they can even think about shooting me. Then their leader started to ask questions, Like ”Santa Anna, with him or against?”. Well how could I answer that. Even met the guy, only I know he is leader of army. Sinfall said he would put bullet to Anna’s head if he ever meets the guy. And I went with the flow.

Finaly it had come apparent, their leader runs resistance movement against Santa Anna. Ace got really good friends with him somehow. Well Ace told that he couldn’t find good tequila in the America. Oh by the way, leader name is Raus. So if you meet the guy say hi to him.

At his ”mansion” he told us about their plan to blow Mexicali up. Yeah, you heard me. Blow factorys there so Santa Anna’s army lost their gun and bullet factories. Only thing we had to think was how we could move his army away from there.

Plan was simple. Hijack their messenger ship, make fake letter that they need help in America and hope they catch the bait. We waited days and then army started moving to north. We maybe doomed some citys in Maze but its doomed anyway and to make good, you may have to sacrafice something. We started your plan, plant explosives find mark and get the hell out of there. We headed to old mines near Mexicali and there is tunnels that leads under factories.

We entered dark mine tunnels, there was creepy feeling and after few minutes Mercer told us he saw something and started following it. Few moments later he came back and I felt like he had seen something strange… I don’t know, maybe its this place. We all headed to that direction where Mercer saw that thing. We pass several intersections and luckily for as Mercer have marked our way so we can find our way back in this mine labyrinth.

Then Mercer lost his sense of direction and we decide to turn back. At the same time we start hearing foot steps every where. Someone is here somewhere and I guess its just echo. We turned around and then it hit. Some strange humanoids. Their skin is just grey, white eyes like there is just a eyeball left and they came trough walls too so well fuck… They hit us and then they went back to the walls… We fight for a moment and then Mercer told us what those things are. Tommy Knockers… Wait a sec. Tommy Knockers, Knockers… I remembered what my grandpa told me when I was kid. He had encountered these long time a go. These thing are miners nightmares. Many miners has been lost because of these. But thats not all what my grandpa told me. He said ”You can’t fight with these, you just have to run away and the best way to do that is cut a wound somewhere and drain small amount of blood, point brigt light at it and back off”. I was just told about bright light for our posse but then one of them got me. He hit me so hard on my troat so I couldn’t get voice out. Man I harly could breath. I fell on ground and that was it for me. Luckily for me I was still alive tho. I tried to tell guys while they fight that its pointless but it was for nothing.

Few moments later Winters and Ross started to carry me out of there. They have decided to back up. While they carried me, Winters took a bad hit and felt on a ground. He didn’t move or breathed anymore. He was dead… He was a good man, and its big loss for us. We really needed that kind of talent to kill Grimme…

Then something happend. Some sparkle lighted up our explosives and Ross did quick voodoo shield for us, but it blasted us to direction where we got here at first place. Our lanterns where broken and Mercer used his power to make us light. Tommy Knockers started screaming but it and they went away. Finaly it was over… We headed back to the point where Mercer saw those things at first place. We started to move there where we supposed to go and plant those explosives. Damn you Mercer, without your curiousity we still would have explosives and Winters…

Maybe hour later we started to head talking and saw light. We sneaked closer to investicate and we saw Santa Anna’s mens moving mining cart full of meat and they throw it in prisons which where full of humans. Not just prisoners, their skin was rotten. My guess, zombies. But why would Santa Anna keep and feed zombies. I really want to know and but a stop to it.

- Blake Eagle

Session recap 13: From the eyes of a Ranger
Under the surface - Report according Sunken City


Sunken City. Following the clues according the indian glyphs we decided to visit this nest of treasure hunters for more insight. Being so clear mark of the Great Quake, I thought it would be potential place to find our next mark and we had heard that Blumquist was hiring new personnel to guard his ship.

When we entered saloon, mr. Blumquist was talking with his formel crew. After uncovering millionare Harrimans’ mansion, his crewmwmbers had started to dissappear. We made a deal to help him investigate the mansion. Next day we headed towards the mansion. First two days went wtihout problems, but on second night, clouds hid the moon and left our ship on the dark. Then they came from the depths. Mercer called them Canal Chompers, the other letter tells more about them, so you can update the Bible, if needed. Quickly we put them down, but Blumquist lost his spirit, seeing what lurked beneith the surface.

Next day Blumquist wouldn’t go underwater and frankly I didn’t want him to go and make even more mess. I took the diving suit and with some… spiritual guiding, Eagle followed me to the mansion underwater. On our first trip we found a cellar with a well and a leather book from a skeleton. On our next trip we entered the well and were welcomed by four Chompers. We retreated dropping the roof to their heads.

As the diving suit couldn’t continue to the end of their lair, I used more.. unusual means to send Mercer, Sinfall and Eagle to investigate further. They continued to the monsters nest and faced twelve or so of the Chompers. They made short work of the monsters, but Eagle got poisoned by one of the abominations. As last of them were killed, Mercer found the missing crewmen. All of them were brought to surface. After some arcane healing I got them to wake from the coma they were in. Two of the three were still alive, despite being underwater for two weeks, something worth investigating, given more time.

After looking throuh our findings and.. some spiritual guidance, we got two new leads. The leather book talked about a library, most likely in Gomorrah, that would contain a book, telling us more about these glyphs. I also believe that our next glyph is south, over the border. We decided to investigate there first.

I truly hope that this leads us to next glyph, for the time is running low for California.

Alex Ross
Texas Ranger


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