Deadlands: The Flood

The lamentations of a reverend.

As I walk in the valley of the shadow of Death, I fear the evil, for You have abandoned me; Your rod and Your staff, they are lost to me. You won’t prepare a table before me anymore; You won’t anoint my head with oil; My cup filled with nothingness. Surely power and loyalty has no place in all the days of my life, and I will dwell in the house of FAMINE forever.

It was supposed to be a day of a triumph; my annual ritual for the power everlasting. Nothing was going to interrupt. I was aware of a few lost souls, seeking some filthiest of witchcraft, trying to stop me and my righteous flock and for them I closed the Holy City and increased the Guardian Angels in duty. They weren’t supposed to be able to reach me.

As I was cutting open the main course, the filthy asian who had crossed me, I felt the rock beneath my feet tremble. Someone had cast foul magic in front of my cathedral. As I rushed to the front gate, I noticed the stench of a trail of heretic magic coming from the cellar and leading to the gates. The unfaithful had somehow learned of the natural caves beneath the cathedral. When I arrived I saw him. A man named Eagle glowed with heretic magic inside him, mocking and taunting me with his presence. He had others with him, but the ants didn’t matter. Eagle was a sin waiting to be forgiven, and I had plenty of mercy in me.

He had no chance before my righteousness. As I bashed his tainted head in the pavement, I had a revelation. This shadow of a man had infected his very blood, his birthright, with heretic filth. His blood ran in the street of my city and I saw it. A tidal wave so large it had to originate far away, in the sea. As the deluge embraced my mortal coil, I took comfort in the fact that the man who caused my demise has eternal torment ahead of himself for I took his life with my fair and true hickory stick.

It is dark. No, not even dark. I am surrounded by nothing. Nothing expect a wooden table, some playing cards, chips and two figures sitting in their chairs. They look inhuman, like living shadows. One is a man, drenched in the stench of a thousand muddy graves. Across from him sits a woman with her back to me, redolent of sweet perfume, but with a rotting odor roiling beneath the cloying surface. A battered, flickering lantern illuminates their game. The woman has several stacks of chips before her, the man nearly none.

“Once War’s errand boy cracks it into pieces, you’re going to want my help,” he says, trying to sound persuasive. She chuckles. The sound rattles like a dead willow branch in her lungs. “I
believe I can handle a little thing like California all by my lonesome.”

“Doesn’t seem like it considering that lackey of yours in the corner. Give me one nexus. Just one whirlpool o’ death. What do you say to that?” He lays down his cards – aces and eights.

“Nice hand,” she purrs, answering with a straight flush. “ But it’s all mine now.” Pale, thin hands, nearly skeletal, rakes in the whole pot of chips and gleaming cash. She counts her money in silent satisfaction. After a time he speaks, his voice flat. “ Well?” In his mouth, the word creaks like an old barn door. “That was quite a play,” she says in a gently mocking tone. “Really impressive for somebody like you. I think maybe we can find a place for you to work your magic, old friend. How about Manitou Bluff?”

She turns to me and I know her to be my master, lord and savior. She walks to me to give me my eternal reward for my my deeds – for my failure. As I accept my destiny without being able to resist, I see across the table. I see the other player’s face.

It is a grinning white skull.

Session Recap 30: Scientific Viewpoint
The gangs of Rulamer

Well, Rulamer has certainly proved to be an interesting town. Internal politics in here were not as simple as I first thought. After completing the “task” Mr. Renard gave us, we were approached by an associate of Mr. Webbe. This associate or henchman (or whatever you prefer to call them) led us to Mr. Webbe’s dwellings outside of Rulamer. It was a modest house, but quite luxurious compared to most of the houses and huts you see in California these days. After the introductions, Mr. Redhead gave us a yet another task. We were supposed to join the gang of one Mr. Brun, a big hulking brute of a man, and find out what he was planning and then report back to Mr. Redhead, whose name I still can’t remember. Mr. Webbe figured that Brun’s men were probably watching us quite closely, so it would be best that Redhead’s men would rough us up a little to make Brun’s men think that our meeting ended on a sour note. Too bad that they chose Restless Rattler as their punching bag, as evidently Mojave Indians don’t understand the concepts of a “plan” or “self-control”. After a little scrap between Rattler and one of Mr. Webbe’s men, we “fled” the property and were almost immediately contacted by Brun’s men, asking that if we would want to join them. We of course agreed.

We were led to a large barn-like structure, that housed the water-purification machine, Mr. Brun’s trump card. We were told that we would have to face some kind of test to prove our loyalty to Brun. Before we could take this test of his, one of Webbe’s crew showed up. It was the very same gentleman that Restless Rattler wanted to beat up for beating him up. Turns out that the man was a traitor. Who would have guessed? Anyway, he blamed us for being law dogs or some such and that didn’t sit well with Mr. Brun and his men. They attacked us, and naturally we fought back. It was an excellent opportunity to test out Molecular Reassembly. The new formula worked quite well, I have to say. I was a bit worried that I would simply disintegrate, making the word “Reassembly” in the elixirs name false advertising, but luckily that was not the case. Anyway, long story short, Mr. Traitor lost a leg and Mr. Brun lost his scalp, both courtesy of Restless Rattler. After the battle we dragged the traitor back to Mr. Webbe’s house. Webbe didn’t kill the man, instead he told him to gather up what was left of Mr. Brun’s crew and take charge of them and keep operating the water purifier. What a strange town this is indeed.

-Alexander Black

Session Recap 29: Same Family, Different Story
Mysteries, Agents and Sharks...

Our quest is almost done, we need only wait until the right day to kill some cannibals…

We were here in Shannonsburg. I looked some job around town ‘cause I got only few dollars left in my pocket. There was few… To go back north to look this Captain Blood or to Devil’s armpit look some bandits. Look this talking head we heard few weeks back to Devil’s postpiles or to Fellheimers folly. I have heard of it.

Augustus Fellheimer was miner. He mined this rock spike and he found there some ghost rock. One day he was found there, nailed to the rock ten feet above water. Many have tried to get him down. All of them have failed and died… Younger agent Call is there to keep everything on control…

We talked trought this and we came to a solution. We are going to Fellheimer’s Folly to see what is happening there. Because I forgot mension, the corpse still looks fresh and he has been up there since last october…

There we saw Fellheimer hanging up there and in no time Call was there next to our boat. He asked what we are doing here and of course we told him the truth… Pryce tried to climb up there, but after few feet he fell down. Luckily he didn’t hit the rocks on water… I tried to use my tricks on this rock. I get the vision. It was like a very bad nightmare. I was spinning in the deep darked. Then the demon straight from hell spawned right before me and ate my face…

We came to another plan. Ross, Pryce and Ace will dive in the water and go look this spike underwater. Ross went first… After few minutes his rope was loose… Ace and Pryce jumped there and those idiot cut their ropes…

I tried to look in to the water what was happening but after minutes only thing I could see was blood…. I guess sharks attacked them… And they were dead… Only thing I could do is just get this ship to Perdition, tell our contacts there that Ace, Ross and Pryce where dead and maybe permanently…

Everything looked so good few days back. Ross… Ross could finaly use his limbs again, I was healed, we found last earth mark and now… There is only me, Jess and Bub left for this…

Session Recap 28: Same Family, Different Story
Is this the end

We woke up to another beautiful day in here, California. Everything was good, I wasn’t hungry anymore, booze was cheap and there is not a single moster around… And then I really woke up…

My chest hurt like hell and it felt like my lungs are getting out… My condition is getting worse.. That idiot mambo jambo shaman cursed me… Fucking great…

My sister found a healer from Asia to help me. He did good job… I was getting better. We found indians aroud here and we asked about these earth marks and our mission, but they asked too big sacrifice. Blood wasn’t enough for their ritual, they asked whole hand…

We headed to north, ‘cause we heard there is something strange happening. Agency and Ranger groups have gone missing. Me, Bub and Pryce headed there, ’cause Ross couldn’t move. Ace and Jess stay there to take care of him…

Locals in New Opportunity didn’t know what is in north. They told us its dangerous are…
Bub was healing me and finaly I felt much better. I guess curse was finaly gone.

We send message to south and Ross, Jess and Ace rided here. Ross can finaly move. Good. Good. Next day we started looking around here. Why would trained agents and ranger went missing?.

We had to camp here for the night and we found an old church what was collapsed. There where one location to camp there. There was a crack on the ground. At the night I saw something shining in there, but I kept my mind about it. I will go look in there morning.

Morning we climbed down there with Pryce and there were these old gold coins and cave… Pryce went there and found this old letter. Text was spain I guess… Bub translated it and JACKPOT!… It told us where the last mark was… It was right here and Pryce went there with Ace to spill some blood.

Now we were ready to meet Grimme. Only bad thing was there is still one and a half month left till the D-day… We started our journey back to south. At Shan Fan we went to another mark and now all of us have been spilled some blood to this ritual.

Grimme, you are going down!

Session recap 27: Same family, different story...
What the hell is happening in California

I came here in California to looking for my brother, but what has happend here is quite a different than just following clues.

I followed clues to town called Perdition. I went this saloon named Fallen Angel where my brother used to hang out with his frieds, I guess. I just get my whiskey and one guy comes to me and says that his sorry about everything. He called me Eagle tho, so he could only be Ross, man who has been with my brother. That is the talk on the street of course, black man from south, Ranger Ross… We talked things over and I was ready to help him to get his and my brothers friend out of Lost Angels prison. It didn’t went good…

We ended up to a prison but we escaped. I heard what my brother and his friends where up to so I was ready to help. My brother left these guys because he went after Blood Hunter, those sons of bitches that killed my mother and burned my home town…

Anyways we where back on our mission to look clues about these “Earth Marks” in Dragons Hold. I was eating in Fallen Angel when three men came in with one women prisoner. Her eyes where blinded and her mouth was shut, but no doubt. That prisoner where my little sister… What was she doing here? Was she looking for our brother too?…

Anyways I had to get her free. I went to these guys and asked them where they was taking her and tried to buy her out. I said I’ll pay three times more that LA would pay for her and they said fine. Well I didn’t have the money, but I said to them I pay tomorrow so don’t leave town… We figured out a plan to get her out at night. I used my magic and knocked out her guard and lockpick her chains… Jess, Ross and Pryce left me and Ace here to wait these guys if they went after them, because Jess had ship ready few miles north in thes mad scientis town, can’t remember the name…

Next morning I was waiting these three guys to get down stairs so I could ask my money back because my “product” was missing but I didn’t ever saw these guys. So we headed to Shannonsburg. There we would continue our jorney by train to Fort Lincoln and there with horses to Harmony, looking for these marks.

When we ride strange things started to happen. We saw strange yellow dots, like eyes at nights and at morning we find these hand painting on rock, next day same kind of painting and tomahawk. Back in Perdition one indian shaman gave us a warning that Hasteli is after us and planning to kill us because we where after these marks. Is he really this close to us. Maybe because painting where painted with blood… After I touched one of paintings, next night was terrible…
We where there watching with Pryce and all of a sudden I fell on ground.. I didn’t feel quite right. Like I was sick or something… Anyways I didn’t let it bother me and we continued… Next morning we found another painting with tomahawk and human head witch was cutted clean off… We really had to get to Harmony and fast.

There we where in middle of nowhere when I fell on on my horse… I think this Hasteli had but curse on me on something and I didn’t have much time left… I think everyone noticed that I don’t feel good but I continued anyways. We but a camp here ready for the night and Ross went alone in the woods. It wasn’t so good idea, because after few minutes he yelled and we all started running towards the voice.

In the forest there wasn’t anything. We went back to our camp and I saw black guy, sitting near tree. I went close, tried to raise his hat and then… Well it was Ross but his head fell of… Ross was dead… Then I lost it, my control. I started yelling after these mysterious killers, started shooting blind anywhere where I think they could hide… But for what… For nothing… Hasteli and his men where there laughing at us and this will make them laugh even more… And its get even worse. Ross was the only one that could help me get rid off this curse…

We digged a crave, and throw Ross down to it and… Well I have heard of these undead guys and for my guess, Ace was one… Man with his head cutted off. I really though that man can’t raise up in condition like that but yeah.. Ross was alive, well not alive… YOU KNOW WHAT I’M TALKING ABOUT… We carried him to Harmony and tried to fix him as good as we could. Well head stays there now… for a moment…

Yeah, quest for looking my brother started and ended straight away. I replaced him in this group and find my sister… Lets see how long I have time anymore… I feel weak, very weak…

Session recap 26: From the eyes of a Ranger
Spirit and a Ranger - Cult of Dragon

At morning of our departure to Dragonhold, gruesome figure walked to Fallen Angel, arriving at nick of time before our departure, like it was all planned out by some greater force. Ragged and disfigured to begin with, Sinfall had gone through new stages of hell. His clothes looked like he had ran all the way to Perdition from Collegium ruins and his skin was pale and man stank even worse than normally… He also tried to cover his chest with jacket, as it seemed like his heart had been torn out by the looks of his twisted wound. It seemed fitting when I later heard story about his fate on that day, when Blake Eagle took him for dead…

Rodrico and Marcus were in for a bit of shock as they also had read letter from Blake and learned that this deadly gunfighter had perished on his mission. I should say I was taken aback too, but somehow I just felt that spirits wouldn’t let him die peacefully… I tried to ignore my dream about doors of cathedral, but I’ve seen how powerful the dark spirits are in California… and a man who is fueled by hate and feared by all, is a great instrument for those serving fear.

I knew this was a curse in blessings guise, but I welcomed it and my friend that I had feared to be lost to me.

We burned with questions, but I brushed them aside, knowing that he needed time to adjust. We leaved to Dragonhold hopeful for new clues. As we arrived we saw that Sutton Thacker knew how to skin men from their wealth.. and worst of all how to make men think that they had won by giving him their money. As we arrived, we saw maze runner belonging to Guardian Angels. Our suspicions grew, but as for town itself, it had to be said that their tame Maze Dragon Jerico seemed genuine. When we went to Thacker, he acted like a business man and told us that they also had a mark in “dangerous place” and he had to give us guardians to enter it. Of course there was a small fee to do that. We agreed to see the next day to conclude this deal. We didn’t have money to spare and we didn’t believe there was a mark, but even small chance that our search would end here was worth the money… at first it seemed as smart thing to wait for day and make a plan if Thacker was going to sell us to Guardian Angels, but quicly the high prices of Dragonhold got us thinking more about money.

I’m not too proud of my actions, but Lost Angeles had took almost every single resource I had, so I chose to take some back. By night I sneaked to their Runner and found it empty. This raised my suspicions against Thackers’ helpfulness and I chose to cripple their boat and do some debt collecting at the same time, stealing their ghost rock and selling it to sailors the next day.

I spent the night on street, talking with Ace. He told about his death. He told about the other side where he met his family. He told about living with them, being happy with them. He told about believing to this paradise… and he told how they were taken from him again. And again, for countless times, leaving him powerless and facing same torture over and over again. And how Agymah had came for him, warning that he would be taken away… but he wouldn’t see his family ever again. He asked about Agymah again, but I still couldn’t tell him the whole truth.. or that I wasn’t even sure what the whole truth was.

When morning came we got ready to go to this so-called “dangerous place”. Marcus stayed as backup, if we were walking to trap, we couldn’t get away from. Rodrico and I left our weapons as they instructed, but Ace just hid his. We might need them yet. As we came to Thackers office, there were five men with purple robes waiting for us, unarmed also. They led us to stairways starting from Thackers’ mansion and leading to tunnels below the maze. Water ran beside tunnels we walked. Place was a true maze and men leading us seemed to circle around to make sure we don’t know where are we going. At last we came to place that had a glyph on a wall… It looked exactly like the mark we described to Thacker… As in it didn’t have the brown paint over it that genuine marks had. It was a hoax. Still I needed to be sure. I knocked myself down opening my arm and let the blood flow to mark. It didn’t react…but something else reacted.

Three heads of small Maze Dragons game up from the water. They started to attack, but men in purple spread out their arms and Dragons stopped. Then we understood. Cult of a Dragon, hiding in plain sight. After this incident, they warned us and started to lead us away. We followed without notion, knowing that finding a way out without them would take days.

Then we heard pleas for help, echoing from one tunnel. Rodrico demanded to see the source. Good man, still looking to help everyone. I felt more cynical, but sided with Rodrico and we got the men to show us what was happening. We came to cell, mined to wall, having large hole with water in it. Inhabiting it were four Guardian Angels. They told us they had families. Even as I had no love lost to Guardian Angels, it haunted me when we walked away, leaving them to their cell.

And then we heard as something came from water and screaming as one of them met his doom under the surface in the teeth of Dragon. Rodrico couldn’t take it anymore. He demanded that the cultist would set Angels free… or that they gave us the light to go and free them. But we were past demanding. I gave Ace sign when they started to attack us and he killed all but two of them. We took two as captives and went to rescue our enemies from this cult. As I picked the lock and let them out, a full grown Maze Dragon came to find his food. We fled to tunnels, led by two cultists, their “god” following us relentlessly.

But we got to stairs. I and Ace watched the prisoners, as Rodrico went to use his magic, so that Angels couldn’t see it. He went to collapse this cave of worship and strike a hard blow against this cult. But as fickle spirits had given Ace back to our group, they took away the onlyone who could still be called a hero. I heard an explosion and scream and as I went to see, I saw collapsion that had happened. The magic of Rodrico had betrayed him and collapsed stairs along with him. I tried to dig it, but quicly understood how pointless it was. There must have been ten meters of stone and Rodrico somewhere under it and we had overstayed our welcome in Dragonhold. We ran to Guardian Angels runner and started our escape. We gave them one chunk of Ghost Rock, stolen from them in the first place, making them even more grateful to us and ironically, Grimme. We fled the Dragonhold before anyone knew what had happened. We asked the Angels to leave us to Perdition and then go to tell Grimme about this unholy cult, that needed to see wrong of its ways through Grimmes anger.

The lies felt empty, but they bought it. I felt empty. I wasn’t even sad, I just knew that what had happened to Rodrico, had happend to many others and would happens still. Maze roots out the heroic, naive and upright and lets the worst ones alive. I didn’t want to admit it to myself but Maze had started to warp me, make me as its picture. I longed for day when this would be over.

As rain came over us, the mocking silhouette of Lost Angels bathed in sunlight.

One last letter...
To Sergeant Alex Ross

I go straight to business. Ace and I went to Collegium’s old ore collection station to find mark, but it wasn’t there. Ace left me in to wasteland and I guess he dragged me behind horse by looking my clothes. Anyway, when I get to ore collection station
I heard one shot down in the mine and when I get there, I saw…
I saw Ace laying there on ground his chest burst open. Bones where so far out and blood everywhere so only thing I could say. Dead, Ace is dead…

Sadly, I have to tell you that I left too. Bloodhunters are still there and I believed that Ace could even survive our mission to… well you know, but now he is dead and I really need make this up to him and for my family…. I’m sorry Ross but this must be done and it couldn’t wait until we are ready for this killing mission.

But if you could send message to ranger that not to kill me while I wander around Texsas looking some information about Bloodhunters. Hopefully we see again and you get our mission done. Show that motherfucker.

Regards Blake Eagle

P.S. And if you ever meet following say them that I’m alive…well still walking and I’ve helped you.

Marcus Eagle
Jessica Eagle
Theresa Eagle
Bruce Eagle

I wish you all best.

Session recap 25: From the eyes of a Ranger
Spirit and a Ranger - Regroup

My dreams have changed.

No more the slaves celebrating, soaked by their masters blood. No more the fearful eyes of Master Ross looking up to me. No more I see you running away, scared.

I still see their faces and faces of others from my travels. But they just stare blankly to emptiness and walk past me, ignoring me totally. They walk through massive doors and I realize that I’m standing before the Cathedral of Lost Angels. I see you , Evelyn, waiting inside the cathedral. I try to warn you. I try to run inside, but cathedral just seems to be farther away and its doors close in front of me, trapping everything I knew inside.

And I’m all alone again.


During our stay on Perdition strange things have started to happen. On Sunday night Lacy O’Malley came to meet us. He told that he was on Lost Angels following the Exorcism of Gao. He told that it took many hours and finally a Chinese daemon came out of Gaos’ body and was sucked inside Grimmes’ staff… but strangest thing was, that Gao still “lived” after that. None of us know what Grimme did to him, but he might have drained the arcane powers Gao possessed to himself. That would explain his power. Anyways, Gao seems to live, and hearing that, talking to him could give us a lot more information about Grimme and his power.

But before taking a risk by trying to save him we need to make sure that the ritual is ready, so our work will not be in vain. I told others to search Dillengers and Smythes library as I consulted spirits. I lost my trinkets to LA and seems that my new ones don’t have as much power. I found out nothing, but others got some theories about possible places for glyphs, if Collegium ruins would be empty. We decided that Jesofat Valley residing North was a good place to check. We also thought that on the way it would be smart to visit Dragonhold, as it’s owner Sutton Thacker was educated on these unworldly things. Rodrigo also had an idea to forge one of our arcane shackles to bullets, to see if they effected unnatural beings.

Couple days later it became clear that it was empty… A letter from Blake was brought to me and told about what happened. Ace was dead and Blake left to continue hunting Bloodhunters. We’d lost two valuable allies in one go. It pained me, but I understood Blakes’ choice. He couldn’t continue with this suicidal cause and know that if we all fell, Bloodhunters might get away with their sins. This wasn’t his fight. Receiving that letter made me more sure about our path to North and my choice to play things safe from now on.

By the eve of our departure to North we received another strange message. An old Indian man, The Green Iguana, came to our door, looking for “those who hunt the runes”. He told that angry Indian warrior Hasteli hunted us. We were told that Hasteli was a powerful hunter and he would find us, guided by the spirit world. I figured that our best bet was to keep moving until we found out more, to avoid further conflict. We decided to leave next noon.

Cathedral looms in my dream once again. I hear the pleas for help coming inside. I run to it. I bang the doors, but I can’t open them. I drop to my knees my hands bleeding from assaulting the door. Blood gushes under the door and screams from inside grow louder.

And the door opens. Black man, top hat on his head opens it. Scarred and battered, another form stumbles out of the door. His eyes burn with hate and vengeance. I know his hateful face.

As I look again to man with top hat I see his face. It’s painted with white, forming a skull and his strange green eyes stare at me. And he closes the door, leaving Sinfall and me outside the cathedral.

And the bell tolls

Session recap 24: From the eyes of a Ranger
Spirit and a Ranger - Breakout

We cannot take chances anymore… This is bigger than me… bigger than us. We can’t walk into Grimmes trap again, after miraculously getting away once. We have to leave Gao and Tom there. We can’t help them. I can’t help them.

In my dreams the Cathedral looms

They got all of us. me, Big Tom, Rodrigo, Eagle. When we woke we were at prison cell, rune inscribed shackles locked in our wrist and legs, stopping us from using our arcane powers. Except Tom, who was being held in different cell, probably to separate witches from common folk. Our trial was short, but surprisingly they didn’t execute us right away. Seemed that Grimme wanted to interrogate us to learn more of our goals, seemingly knowing about our venture.

We knew we needed to disguise our escape attempts so I started to play racist games with Rodrigo, getting in fights and both accusing the other for misdeeds.

When they moved us with prison cart, showing and declaring us as witches to people of the city, we started rocking the cart to tumble it over, seemingly fighting among ourselves. The cart flipped over and broke, guards pulling us out. As they waited for other group of angels to come to clean the damaged cart away, Eagle picked up nail as a lock-pick. Then angels threw us into ship to transport us to the Rock.

In ship we pick-locked the shackles and attacked the guard with Rodrigos tricks catching him guard down. As ship stopped at rock a shootout burst out as guards started looking for us and their missing friend. As Eagle fell to shotgun blast we thought we were goners for sure.

What we didn’t know, was that one of the Angels was working for Men of the Grid. He took couple Angels out, hijacked the boat and escaped to canal. Cooper was his name. He told us about contact, who would be our route to Men of the Grind if needed. Gunther Seebling was his name and he resided at the end of 6th street on a Boat called Wo Tan. If we need to go to Lost Angels, that could be the place to find information. If we’re ever gonna get there without Angels taking us in.

He dropped us to dock and gave us two pounds of Ghost Rock to help us to new start. But new start isn’t something we’re looking for now, it is something I can’t even think about before this is over. We headed for Perdition armed only with couple of shotguns, Guardian Angel robes and shackles that bound us. They got our weapons, our ship, our supplies… and my star. Maybe they burned it with my herb pouch, where it was hidden, or maybe they’ve got as a trophy. But it doesn’t matter. I’m not in this for Rangers anymore.

We need to end this. I need to end this. To avoid reckoning, to avoid blight that Grimmes actions are bringing to world. To make it right for all souls and lifes he has destroyed.

But we can’t let our humanity to cloud us anymore. We can’t save everyone. But we can bring an end to the Church of Lost Angels.

As we entered Dillengers and Smythes apartment in Perdition I had made a choice. We couldn’t endanger the mission for Gao. For Tom. We didn’t know about Blake and Ace, so we needed to regroup, rest and plan our next move… I know it was the right choice, but still it haunts me to leave them behind.

As Sunday came I sat alone, praying for Gao and looking to the might of cathedral. Cathedral that would fall by my hand, or destroy me completely

Session recap 23: From the eyes of a Ranger
Spirit and a Ranger - Rockbottom

After all this time I underestimated him. His city. His power.

He was ready for our powers. His men standing vigilant, ready for witches… But even with that he can never be ready for normal man. He’ll never be ready for Sinfall

When I woke up in Perdition my soul was ablaze. I had failed myself and was eager to prove that I still could get things done, that I could still save my friend. I let my ego take a hold on me.

At doctors office I had a visitor. South had sent a “musician” to help me on my guest. Rodrigo Alvarez was his name. Mexican by birth, one man Southern fire-squad by trade. A shootist on top of his heavy armament. Huge asset. Sent to suicide course following me…

He was eager to help and perform his duty. Shows how much Maze has changed me as this seemed childish to me. If I ever get a chance, I should give him more credit, his path is hard and thankless, as is mine. Without too much thought I took him with me to attack Lost Angeles. Now it seems like waste of his life, but I was long down my way in revenge path.

As we looked for Big Tom, we run into Eagle. Marcus Eagle to be exact. He is Blakes big brother following our trace to Perdition with his… insight, inherited from their lineage from Whateleys. After he heard that I had traveled with his brother, he singed up to assist me with Lost Angeles. Mans overconfidence and impulsiveness were astonishing. Seems that whole Eagle family tries to prove that not all Whateleys are witches and cultists. I took him in paying him 50 dollars for some backup. I don’t think he even had time to use it before all went to Hell.

After these two encounters I finally found Big Tom drinking himself senseless. Be it my my plea for help, or the whiskey controlling his head, he agreed to take me to Lost Angeles. There we needed to get some information about time of Gaos transportation and other things that might get in our way when freeing him. Nobody knew anything more than posters stated and guardian angels kept their mouth shut. So we decided to capture Avenging Angels, a unit leader of Angels.

Plan was to lure him to docks and get me something of his own, so spirits could help to get him away from other Angels without raising suspicion. Eagle told me about his tricks and was set to pickpocket the man. Rodrigo used his Mexican fast-talk to convince that one ship had something wrong in it. I applied my Voodoo to ensure they bought it. When they saw the “poltergeist” I set up, they got a priest to inspect. Eagle took an amulet from Avenging Angels’ pocket while clad in shadows of other-world. We both hid, making sure that no arcane powers were present when priest came. We were sure that we had concealed ourselves…

…but it is the City of Witch Hunters, City of Grimme and we shouldn’t have trusted in what we know about our “normal world”. Even in Maze, Lost Angeles is far from normal.

They found traces of our power. Dragged Eagle and Big Tom to question them alongside outsider. Rodrigo came to stall Angels endangering himself in process. I had to do something.

I stuffed a sack full of ghost rock and ran into view, looking like a lowly thief. I got two of them after me, leaving five to guard others, hoping that they could escape or talk themselves out of it. I tried to make a run through couple alleys to get rid of my pursuers, but gunshots quickly got others to join the chase. They tackled me and beat me senseless.

As I got my consciousness back, they dragged me alongside docks. I saw Rodrigo using his hexes to blow three guards away. I tried to help them using my Voodoo, but I was too weak and darkness swallowed me again. As my body and mind let me down I saw Angeles shooting and beating everyone down, following by my own fall.

It was a risky plan from the start. I rushed to it, thinking I’d healed enough, that my will was enough to pull it off. Thought that city of witch hunters wasn’t ready for us.

I was a fool


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