Deadlands: The Flood

Story so far

Good day to you, my fellow Explorees.

There has been rather unusual happenings here in the Great Maze as of late. First Dr. Darius Hellstromme and his Wasatch Co. steamrolled through the Rockies with some new machinery he had build. Other Rail Barons and other various factions didn’t take to this kindly, which directly resulted to a battle. The Battle of Lost Angels they call it. Not long after that, our shop at the Red Lantern Town of Shan Fan met some vandalism in a form of uncontrolled fire. It soon became obvious the vandals were after the Amulet of Rakashan, which yours truly fought very hard to recover back in the day mind you, and kidnapped Captain Pennington-Smythe in order to get their thieving hands on it.

Fortunately I happened to stumble upon a few mostly-good-natured folk who were willing to help. They saved the good captain, retrieved the Amulet and were introduced to our little club. Sadly, not all of them made it. May his soul rest in peace.

Long story short, this led, eventually, this Posse of brave heroes in the know of a way to take out Reverend Ezekiah Grimme. You read that right. The Reverend Ezekiah Grimme. Considering what kind of an influence he and his merry band of cannibals (according to one Agent named Hellman) are to California, I’m all for it.

The Posse are on a quest to bleed on seven glyphs, which will let them trigger a flood that should cleanse the West of the dirt that is Grimme. Sounds crazy, right? A dead shaman told them this.

At the moment of writing this letter, they have found two of the glyphs. One a mile north of Shan Fan and another on the Isle of Ghost Tears. They are currently with an Indian war party to chase off intruders from their Burial Grounds and to find the third glyph. Captain Pennington-Smythe, our ship captain mr. Isaacs and I are growing restless. Our heroes have been away for two days and the locals are beginning to think the Grounds are lost.

Hoping for the best and fearing for the worst, yours truly,

Rutherford Ellington Dillenger.

Session recap 1: Battle of four armies and the Maze of fire
Fire will rise


This might be my last report.

As my previous reports have stated, things on west coast have gone towards worst. Warlord Kang has taken over Shan Fan and my suspicions about Reverend Grimme have been proven right. It ain’t no miracle that brings food to his masses, but the enemies of good reverend that are served for dinner. Worse yet, I’ve come to know that Good Reverend can have his heart pierced by bone and yet keep giving his fierce speeches like it was just another Sunday.

But my assignment involving explorer’s society revealed a way to bring Grimme and his cannibal church maybe with Kangs fleet on the same move using ancient power that is bound on glyphs scattered across Maze. Using them will invoke flood that should clean all Maze from this filth… the prize is high, but if nothing is done California will fall, rest of the West following in its wake.

Our search took us to Indian camp close to Shannonsburg. Little talk with their shamans revealed that army from Lost Angels was heading towards their holy grounds, which had one of these glyphs in it. As if this wasn’t bad enough Iron Dragons and our own soldiers were closing in, drawn by enormous amounts of ghost rock inside the very same burial grounds. When our nightrunners came to the burial ground an horrible sight meted us. Automatons of Wasatch Co. marched among the ranks of red cloaks swarming forward. It seems that two most powerful men in California have put their forces together for some reason and it will not end well for the rest of the West.

Our team ended up fighting with Indians to keep everyone else away from burial grounds. Fighting was fierce and by our help, Indians sent red cloaks running like wild rabbits. Unfortunately I lost most of my men to the Colossus, new clockwork death machine from Wasatch Co. As my people and the troops of Indians fell, last of us pressed to the burial grounds. Only two of us survived to cavern.

We did what we came to do. But I couldn’t risk to let Grimme know about the glyphs and about the fact that explorers society is trying to end his kingdom. I couldn’t risk someone else finding the glyph and ruining it all. I couldn’t let all our sacrifices go to waste. I ordered Blake to leave and continue our mission…

and I set the whole cavern on fire.

After the explosion the army of confederation took me as prisoner. I’m sitting in a dark cell waiting interrogation and possible execution for treason. My trusted friend Ray Holland will deliver this message so some greedy soldier can’t go running to Grimme and Hellstromme about all this.

If you want to take away my star, I understand well that you need to bow down to the army, but do not underestimate the threat of Lost Angels and Wasatch Co. If I’m to be executed, send a Ranger to look for Captain Pennington-Smythe and Mr. Dillenger from Explorer’s society. They have the details to continue this battle against Grimme and his allies.

Texas Ranger
Alex Ross

Session recap 2: The diary of Gao Lin
The Posse divided

Diary of Gao Lin, first entry.

This is my first day as a member of the 37th Chamber after I was rescued from the battlefield by Master Wong, and for some reason, he has instructed me to start writing a diary. I don’t relish the idea, but he is my master now so I suppose he knows what he’s doing. Anyway, I’m happy that I’m once again among my own kind, but unfortunately, this won’t last for long, for Reverend Grimme is still at large and we have discovered only two out of the seven Indian glyphs. I have decided to stay here for a week and then leave to look for the rest of the glyphs. But without aid, it will be a near impossible task. For this reason I have decided to seek out my former companions. Unfortunately, the Priest and the Shaman fell in battle and I have no idea of Eagle’s whereabouts so the only one left is Ross. But luckily I have a good idea where to find him. I’m not so sure myself if I should trust him anymore, for he seems to be now working with the enemy of the Chamber. And he will probably be thinking the same about me, after our clash earlier. But he’s seems to be the only one left, so I’ve got no choice.

As I mentioned earlier, I fought against Ross and what seemed to be his new travelling companions. A tall blonde man and an ugly man who reeked of alcohol. They were escorting a boat full of infernal machines that belonged to the Confederate Army. Good thing that our raid was successful and the devices were all destroyed. I was relieved that he was alive and well but disappointed that he was working with the Confederate Army. I know that he is a Texas Ranger but does he not know that by aiding the Army he will doom California and it’s inhabitants? And isn’t he a former slave himself so shouldn’t he know better than to help them? If and when we rid California of Grimme and his cult, it would seem that the CSA is the next one to threaten the Maze and it’s people. And I can’t allow that.

Session recap 2: From the eyes of a Ranger
The Posse divided - the other side of the story

Tales from the road: Alex Ross speaking to Sinfall and Winters

The attacker I knew back in the runner. His name is Gao Lin.

One of the most fearsome martial artists out there, second only to 37thchambers leader, Wong, who also was one of our guests back in the runner… Yeah, the man with moustache and shooting light from his hands. The only reason we’re still alive is because they didn’t want to harm us, only our cargo.

But still I need to find them… well Gao mostly. I owe him the benefit of a doubt about his reasons to attack us. He also knows more about hour mission to bring down Grimme and his church.

Before getting thrown to jail, I was on a mission helping a group of people trying tobring church of Lost Angels down. Gao was one of them. We’ve been through a lotin a short time, fighting against warlord Kang and abominations that lurk underthe surface of Maze.

When we fought together for the Mohave Indians Holy Ground, I thought that Gao died fighting a massive automaton, like most of our posse. I had to make tough decision and I set a whole cavern full of Ghost rock on fire… which is why I was on my way to meet execution squad back in the fort.

How did I get out? Well, the Admiral has a taste for glory and fear for the Lost Angels as the rest of us do… well of course not you, Ace. Should you stop drinking for this day? As I was saying ,I promised that he would receive the glory for taking down Grimme and his lieutenants and help him with this sabotage problem with Elsbethtowns deliveries… In return, he let me go without incident and got last of our companions, Blake Eagle, better medical care… probably he would have given me soldier too, but I’m not sure Confederation army can be trusted. That’s why you two gunslingers were a lucky break for me.

but of course it couldn’t be normal robbers as my loyalty test. Hrmh.

So when we find them, just stay aside, I’ll need to talk to Gao… he might think that I left him behind on that field, so I’ll need to set things straight. And if he has… lost it, It’s my job to deal with it. There’s no need for you to fight 37th chamber because of this.

…and don’t worry, Sinfall… whatever happens, I’ve made sure that if Grimme falls with your help, you’ll get the Blood Hunters.

Short Story / Session recap 3

Crazy town, Population: 5

Where the hell should I even start. A few months ago, I was just a normal bounty hunter with normal problems, like “Gee-whiz, the horse ate my hat!” or “Oh no, I’m out of bullets!”. My daily life was simple. Wake up, try to kill something that has dollars under his name, get drunk and pass out.

Now I’m supposed to save the friggin world by bleeding on some magical runes that are hidden all over the maze, so we can drown 13 disciples of a cannibal cult priest, who is invulnerable otherwise. Or something like that, I was drunk at the time.


Well if somebody would tell you that, would you believe the bastard? No, you would say he is crazy and should be in an asylum. BUT, what if there were three crazy men? What if one of them is a Texas ranger, another one is a dead man walking and the last one can turn a deck of playing cards to a deadly weapon?

Yeah, the posse is full of some kind of mumbo jumbo magic users that shoot fire out of their asses! Only me and the cowboy even resemble something normal. My first thought was “Okay, I can make some money out of this”. Second thought “Holy mother of Jesus, is that a demon!?”. I’m starting to believe their story. It is hard NOT to believe in the supernatural when burning people are running towards you, commanded by a horned devil straight outta the bible accompanied by fire and brimstone.

There was something about that demon. It looked in to my eyes, pointed at me and then the burning men attacked. The bastard challenged me, then fled like a coward. Next time I see it, I’ll finish what he started. I’ll send it back to hell where it came from.

Now we are trying to find the next rune. We have some clues, but nothing certain. And we are in the god forsaken maze. Everything is expensive, monsters lurk in the shadows and the whiskey is horrible. I did not know that someone could actually make bad whiskey.

But this ain’t all bad. I’m too good to be just fighting against humans. It has been a long time since I’ve had any challenge against normal gunslingers. I needed more. I needed something out of this world. I needed… the supernatural.

Session recap 4: The diary of Gao Lin
Duels, Discoveries and Demolitions

Diary of Gao Lin, second entry

It has been a while since I’ve last written anything here. A lot has happened since my last entry: I’ve found Ross and Eagle and we have once more joined forces and we are once again hunting for the glyphs. Ross has also recruited some new travelling company for us, a bounty hunter named Ace Sinfall and a cowboy, Josh Winters. They seem capable enough, but I don’t trust them. If they are in on this only for the money, how can I? What if some underling of Grimme offers them more than Ross? What then? They just stab us in the back? If that time ever comes, I have to be prepared.

But enough of my suspicions. Our hunt for the earth glyphs has led us to Carver’s Landing, a mining town west of Lost Angels. We traveled there in hopes of asking the miners if they knew anything about these Indian marks. And fortune smiled upon us, as Winters found out that northwest of here, there was a place that was plagued by almost constant earthquakes. But before we could set sail, Sinfall had gotten himself into a duel with a wanted criminal, Rabid-Rance Hitchcock. I sat in the sidelines and watched the two men take shots at each other. Sinfall was wounded, but ultimately triumphant. The outlaw he killed was taken to the sheriff’s office in Lost Angels. After delivering the body of the outlaw to the sheriff and spending the night in Lost Angels (something I was strongly against), we sailed to the rumored site of the glyph. There we found a cave and indeed that cave harbored an earth glyph. But we were not the first ones there. Professor Vandegrift and his somewhat lazy bodyguard had already taken residence there and the professor was conducting some kind of experiment on the glyph. It seemed like it was the experiment that was causing the earthquakes in the area. We first were suspicious of the professor and he of us, but it soon turned out that he was a friend of Pennington-Smythe. Professor Vandegrift told us that these glyphs might have been the cause of the Great Quake that destroyed half of California and the marks can be “charged” with blood and the charge will hold for many months. If it is indeed true, we have to be careful not to let history repeat itself. After we all had bled on the glyph, we were ambushed by stone spirits. But strangely enough, they were not interested in us, but instead they started destroying the professors machines. Us and the professor fled the cave and we all headed back to Carver’s Landing. There, we said our goodbyes to professor Vandegrift as he left for Perdition to join up with Pennington-Smythe and Dillenger.

Winters had also heard of a different cave that was a potential glyph site. After fighting against a pair of shark creatures and doing some demolitions, I discovered for my great disappointment, that the cave contained no glyph, only large amounts of gold and ghost rock. After searching the cave and the mesa thoroughly, we headed back to Carver’s Landing. It would now seem that we need to head further to south, to the Sunken City, in search of the next glyph.

“He who strikes first prevails, he who strikes late fails.”
-Cao Cao

Session recap 5: Stories from the trails
Seamonsters and misfits

Cowboys campfire, Winters tales

Well tonight I’m gonna tell you whole kinda different tale from my ventures and its true ’n’ all thou that might not sound so.

Best I start ‘bout the moment we said yes to captain named Hills in Carvers landing. You see he had a job to do that needed good men, fine enough anyway to fight a friggin’ sea monster! Well we were of course best posse that happened to be around. So we got to our boats us, Hills own gang and another guys under captain Blando and headed to Archeron bay. Ever heard about the monster of Archeron bay, of course not ‘cause we dealt with it! Thou not how you would picture it I think.

It was 2nd of May that we got to the bay and not sooner that we got there that gigantic tentacles attack us. They got us by surprise and started smashing our ships. Few hit we could take but monster was relentless and even cannon fire could not make it stop its assault. It got most of us on its grip but we got away from slimy tentacles time and again only when our ships broke to pieces did our hope seem lost. Well if not for our good ranger Ross we might have died to the last man that man has tricks you see, tricks that normal cowboy like me don’t understand nothing. Anyways our ships were lost and monster was draggin’ us to depths, but instead of killin’ us it dragged us inside a shipwreck named Archeron. In the deeps you could also see that it was not a single monster but all tentacles were their own monsters!

Broken hull of Archeron was full to burst with old bones of sailors and we were sure it was ours destiny too. I can’t tell you how long we were on the bottom of the maze but after some time we started hearing something movin’ around the wreck. Soon after, the biggest friggin’ octopus raised its head from that murky water, it was meanest lookin’ one too with one eye popped by harpoon still stickin’ from it. As the monster rose from the water it let out groanin’ voice full o’ pain. It crept closer to us still groanin’ and I dunno who it was gettin’ the idea that we should pull harpoon out of its eye and not push it through its ugly mug. Whoever it was we did it and got that harpoon out and as soon as it was done monster disappeared and we were left to dark. Short while after we could feel the thing grab us and it started liftin’ us back to surface, didn’t know monster were the kind to return favors. All ‘n’ all monsters stopped harrasin’ Archeron bay after that and we were able to make some rafts from the parts of our three boats and headed back to Carvers landing.

Session recap 6: Story of my life part 2
Maze and the cattle

I came to California to find new life and forget the past, but what did I found? I found suffering and sorrow, which reminds me for everything I left behind eight years ago. Even the happiest things reminds me…

And yeah, I got a story to tell you. Life here is very, very wierd.

A few days back, we got a job to go Archeron bay, and fight seamonster in there, and yeah. You might think I’m crazy, but I’m not. Come here and take a look… But oh, where was I. Yes, it didn’t went well. But its another long story.

We have been on a self-made raft for, only god knows how long. Captain Hill’s crew died one by one, because we haven’t got any food or water to drink. Man, we didn’t even talk to eatch other that time. It took hours, and hours. After night and few hours later we finaly made it back to Carvers landing. Firts thing in my mind was food, I need to get it and fast…
When I fast eating there, Ross and Gao found me there too. They was talking something about job but they need to find Sinfall first. They asked me did I know where he went. I quess he went somewhere to drink something. His prioritys are were different from “normal people”. I think its alcohol, guns and then the rest.

After eating I went for looking some new, dry clothes. These prices here, fuckin’ too expensive…

About hour later I found rest of my posse and we got ourself a job, which is quite faraway from here. In sunken city of San Diego, where can be mark that we are looking for. Problem was, how the fuck we get there without ship, without money… Luckily we found Captain Ashley Williams, who was on his way to Lost Angels. Well, thats a start for our long journey to San Diego. We talk on our 2 hours trip and he worked for RTChestnutts corporation, and they might be on their way to San Diego very soon. Sounds good to us and in LA, we went their office to ask some work. They ask us to fill some papers and wait…

I was full of this shit and I needed to relax a bit. I took a walk in LA and see how its really is and I went to cathedral of LA with Gao. The cathedral was huge and, I have to say this, it was the most beautiful of all cathedrals and chuchest that I have ever seen in my whole life. I was really amazed. When I left Gao stayed there and talked some gold-robe guy there. Who the hell was he and what the hell Gao is up to now. I really don’t trust this dead asian guy… He has something inside him, that he don’t tell us. But I’m going to find out…

I met guys again and they find something really interesting and strange job for us. Some guy named Dwight Shelton has some problem with his cattle in his ranch here is Maze. Yeah you might think what I think. How the hell someone can keep cattle here alive.
We found their worker at Lost Angels bay and we get ourselfs a ride to Shelton’s Ranch.

We arrived there and really, there was mesa in middle of Maze, where grass grows and there is real longhorns grazing. Well my mind was blow away at this point. So much strange stuff in short moment..

Inside Dwight’s ranch house, he offered us a dinner while we talked our job. We all looked amazed the food we get there. Real, texas style steak, and there was no doubt its not 100% beef… I haven’t eat this good since the last day at home back in north… And same time it hits. Alex Ross asks me about my past and I didn’t know why but I told my story with unknown family, Winters, Sinfall, Ranger Ross and Gao… Know they all know. Ross told me that he could know who the attackers might be. Well, something good.

But yeah, back to mission. There was Shelton’s ranch and his cattle. Someone is slashing his cattle randomly at nights and it is serious problem, cause it hard to keep cattle at Maze without some cattleslasher… We take guarding shifts at nights and next day we when to look mesa and find some evidences. Ross found some strage holes in the edge of mesa and we figured they might have climbed up here. Well there is nothing else than wait for the next attack and catch one of the slashers.

Next night I took a shift with Ross. I asked him about the attacker and he told me they could be organization named, Bloodhunters and Ross told me that same people killed Sinfall’s family too. I think I talk to Sinfall soon about this.

This is Story of my life part 2.
-Blake Eagle

Session recap 7: Story of my life part 3
Maze and the cattle 2.0

At the Saturday evening Gao left to LA with Ross. Gao told us that he was going to get in to Grimme’s “gang” and Ross went there to got his back.

Later that night there was no shifts at all. We all stay awake during that whole night. I was about to get sleep when I saw some movement around ranch, but it was only drunker Sinfall getting back to his patrol around mesa. I was just start talking about his past but then it happened. More movement in the horizon. I alerted Sinfall and we headed to those mysterious slashers. I sneaked the back while our little boozer was taking their attention. I waited the right moment and then BAAAAM!!! I took four of them with a single blast. And then, I guess next target was their leader, because at the same moment that I did my magics one man yelled: “Get that witch”. He summoned some kind of abomination at the battlefield. Sinfall and I took that down easily and after that their leader. On of the hooded mans tried to escape, but I shoot few times and he stopped moving.

Finally we know how these slashers was and fuck… I should… We should have known. Motherfucking Guardian Angels from the motherfucking LA and from that motherfucker Grimme’s little secret “gang”… Well, that man is one of a big fucking idiot that doesn’t even want real meat to the people of LA. His own choice. We will kill you anyway. We told Mr. Shelton who the attackers was and then I realized something. Where they came from and especially how. I ran to that direction where they came but it was too late. I saw a Maze Runner heading away… But one thing was certain. They might have inside man, because there is tent pegs on a ground and ropes on the edge of mesa.

Next morning Shelton waked us up and told us our next job. Get an idea how to keep those fuckers away. After few hours of sleep we started to make a plan to protect this mesa and about same time Ross came back. He told us that Gao was taken by the Grimme and his Angels to the Rock… Well simply fuck. How long Gao could hold their torturing. We are in danger, great danger. If he tells that “preacher” anything I swear I shoot that fucking petard right between the eyes. If Grimme kills him after he told us anything. I’ll travel to hunting ground to kill that son of a bitch again…

Well I need to calm down and keep my focus. We need plan to get Gao out. I don’t trust the guy, so that boost my motivation a lot to get him out…

This is story of my life part 3
-Blake Eagle

Session recap 7: Eyes of a great hawk
All the details

First posse was getting apart at Shelton’s ranch. Ross and Gao went to city of Lost Angels. Gao to take a part of mass and Ross to be backup if anything goes wrong. Sinfall’s and Eagles story, you can read all about it right below this.

Saturday evening Ross and Gao arrived to Lost Angels’ harbor. Ross went to get information about posses status with RTchestnutts. Of course the place was closed this time of a night and he moved to the boarding house, where they was planned to stay this night.

They both went crazy that night.
Gao’s manitou took control and Ross was doing his daily rituals and something went wrong too. I lost them for a bit in my eyesight. Next day I found Gao walking on a streets of LA and he went in to the boarding house. Luckily Ross was there too.

Bells of a Lost Angels cathedral start making announcements about up coming mass. About 11.30 Ross and Gao went there too. Ross stayed outside and Gao went to a mass.

In there Gao had ponderous time. He struggle against hunger and reverend Grimme’s propaganda.
Three hours later communion started and Gao saw Arch Angel Michael waving him to come over. Michael guided Gao to the cathedrals belfry. There Gao met Grimme himself. Grimme was talked about Gao’s joining his church and then he told the truth. He knew all this time about Gao, Ross and Eagle and the marks what they “collected” to stop Grimme. Gao attacked Grimme and after little bit of fighting he punched Grimme out of belfry and they both was falling down. Angel came down in to a heaven to take Grimme and landed him right next to almost dead Gao. He made a little speech and then they started to move Gao to the Rock.

-Great Hawk


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