House Rules and Clarifications

These are the house rules currently used in The Flood, as well as clarifications on official rules (gathered from found in SWD:EE or various DLR books and supplements.


Firearms as melee weapons
Whether it’s a Peacemaker, a Winchester or a Gatling Shotgun, a firearm without a bayonet or similar use as a melee weapon is considered as an Improvised Weapon in melee. Once a character has readied a firearm, he may use it in close-combat as a Improvised Weapon.

Readying weapons
Readying all your weapons, be it one or two, is a single action. However, drawing two weapons, drawing from difficult location or drawing large or unwieldy weapon, such as a rifle or a longsword, and attacking within the same round requires an Agility roll. If the Agility roll is failed, weapons are drawn but cannot be used for attacking that round. No roll is necessary if the character doesn’t attempt an attack.

Holstering a weapon
Holstering a weapon is treated as Readying a weapon. You cannot use the same hand in a round to both holster a weapon and draw a new one.

Quick Draw
Quick Draw Edge allows the character to ready all weapons as a free action, but if readying the weapon(s) calls for an Agility roll, roll as usual. The roll suffers multiaction penalties for the characters other actions.


These are the rewards the players can expect to get for puttin’ their thinkin’ caps on, but nothing is gained without The Marshal’s say-so.

Writing up a character Description and Bio
+1 Exp and possibly a personal Legend Chip for the character to use.
Writing Adventure Log
Any player writing in the adventure log the highlights of the last session gains +1 Exp.
Bringing snacks or other consumables to the session
+1 Chip for either the player who brought the snacks or +1 Chip for all the players, depending on The Marshal.
Playing a session
1-3 Exp for every player, although someone may get more if The Marshal deems him worthy.

House Rules and Clarifications

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