In this page you find names and short summaries of various Mesa Towns, Ghost Rock Mines and other locations. The more important locations also get their own wiki page with details for those hungry for information.


Officially a company town called “Ore Collection Station #37.” Since it overlooks the smoldering ruins of Ghost Town people have come to call the new town Perdition, because “it’s one step up from Hell.” Although the town has saloons, two newspaper prints, a Miner Market, a church, a telegraph office and much more, The ghost rock storage facility, Ore Collection Station #37, is the largest and most imposing building in town, a constant reminder that Hellstromme is ultimately in charge here.

City of Lost Angels

The Free and Holy City of Lost Angels stands guard at the Great Maze’s gates. The only channel deep enough to allow access from the Pacific to the interior of the Maze lies due west of Prosperity Bay. Every Sunday is celebrated by Reverend Grimme’s wise and righteous mass which is followed by a feast for every member of the Church of the Lost Angels.

Ghost town

Well, what can I told you about this place. Fire, fire, more fire. And did I told you fire. And yes some burning humans and demon too. You can’t find simply nothing than dead here. Dead and old memories that almost make you crazy. Maybe there is some loot somewhere there, but watch out for explosion, burning humans, demons and shadows that tries to eat you.

Good luck
-Blake Eagle

Sunken City

Population: 4 + unaccounted number of treasure hunters.
Name says it all. Almost all of the city is under water and town offers only saloon and general store for those passing through.. but piercing the surface the tower of a church reminds us of the city that once were. Countless treasure hunters gather here hoping to find riches that were hidden by the flood that came with the Great Quake.

On may 1880 treasure hunter Blumquist uncovered the mansion of millionare Harriman. Soon after that hunters alongside the mansion started to dissappear. My research uncovered an hidden lair of so called “Canal Chompers” that was to blame of these dissapearances. The lair under mansion was swept but there might be other lairs underwater. I have no record of other unusualness, but there’s no telling what lies under the surface.

Ranger Ross


Population: 1000-2000 Santa Anna’s men, and some resistance movement.
Mexicali, full of Santa Anna’s soldiers. Well its largest army base that he has… Sorry, had.
There happend little “accident”. Ghost rock boilers, which was in his factories explode. Most of his army supplies were destroyed and it will slow his conquest to the north. I think that near by living resistance movement got their fingers in this soup. More for them in a bit.

Underneath town is old mines. And to get a better view, you can call it maze straight away. Lots and lots of old mining tunnels to every compass point. If you don’t mark up your route, you’ll be lost in notime and make sure, you mark it up good. Your marks disapeared. Yeah, strange is it?
And yeah, there is some Tommy Knockers too. These things are miners worst nightmare. They can move in the walls, come out, attack and get back in before you can pull out of your gun. And if you are fast enough (like me), your guns don’t harm them. They don’t give a fuck.

Near by the Mexicali, lives Raus and his little resistance movement. They try to do everything to stop Santa Anna. And they might be behind those explosions in Mexicali. If you meet guys without uniform near Mexicali, they probably ask you: “Santa Anna, with him or against?”. Like me I didn’t know a thing about Santa Anna that time, so I choose against. And if you want to live I recommed you do the same…

-Blake Eagle


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