Notes to help keeping Rangers Bible updated. Ranger Ross


Description: Look a lot like usual walking dead, but seem like they died of starvation, which might be the case considering the state California is in. Also have longer claws than your usual corpses. Mostly encountered in maze, but Ranger Ketchum has encountered them also near the tombstone. Seem to populate mostly areas with starvation problems.

These things must be dealt with much more carefullly than normal walking dead. If their claws or teeth pierce your skin, you’ll slowly start to turn to one of them. Marks of turning are when you’re hungry all the time, even if you keep eating yourself full.

Turning takes time from one day to weeks, depending on the case. Only ways I know this can be stopped, is cutting the limb that got bitten or scratched as fast as possible, or turning to your nearest arcane healer.

Weakness: Kill the brain and you’ll kill the faminite.
Sidenote: Keep reporting sightings of faminites to keep track of places you can encounter them. These creatures must be kept away from mainland whenever possible. Even one in major city could end up in a disaster.

Canal Chompers:

Description: size of a grown man. Greenish, covered by scales. Has tail, claws and big sharp teeth. Known to live mostly underwater and in california. Encountered in Sunken City, under Harrimans’ sunken mansion. Chompers move like humans on ground, and much faster underwater.

Seems to hunt mainly on moonless nights and snatch unaware people underwater. Silent stalkers, reveiling their position on night mostly by their rotten smell after rising from the depths. When encountered, moved in large pack, 10 or so outnumbering and blindsiding their prey. Claws and teeth have poison that paralyzes their victims totally. Chompers drag their prey underwater to their lair, possibly to use as food later on wrapping them with some kind of seaweed.
Interesting sidenote: People poisoned by them can stay alive under water even weeks. When found, two of the three victims were still alive after two weeks of paralyzis under water.

The Lair found under Harrimans’ mansion consisted 20 or so Chompers, one being some kind of alpha, Bigger and tougher than others. Not sure if this is normal pack size though, might be that Herrmann, being interested in these monsters kept breeding them even before the quake. The lair found was totally dark, so I believe Chompers can see in total darkness.

Weaknesses: Go down with bullets, knifes and other usual means. Brains are located in head and anatomy seems to be much like humans.. minus the tail. They have about 0,5 inches of thick scales protecting their whole body. Don’t seem to fear light, but they seem to avoid light when hunting.

Tommy Knockers

Description: Grey, slim body, yellow eyes, sharp claws and teeth. Seem to be like living parts of stone, still being like liquid, able to appear from walls like ghosts. When moving they sound like lazy legs dragging, if you hear this kind of sound deep in caverns, ready yourself.

Tommy Knockers were seen in caverns under Mexicali. They roam deep in caverns, away from sunlight. They seem to hunt in packs, others attacking front and other sneaking behind you, moving withing walls.

Weakness: Magical light seems to do the trick. They don’t fear torch light, but were found on pitch black cavern, so it is possible that they don’t like bright light. Do not rely on that and if needed to visit caverns under Mexicali, make sure to bring some arcane help with you.

And forget about other means, they’re not even slowed by normal bullets. Crashing hole cave on their head still seems to trap or slow them, not sure why though and at time didn’t have time to investigate.

Human Blob or Glom

Description: Three men joined together as one abomination. Pretty easy to spot. Limbs and heads can move through body. Suprisingly fast for its body. Seems to have no idea behind attacking. Met on Gomorra, California.
Sidenote: Might be born from people burning together, so if going through burned towns and villages, might be best to prepare for these monsters.

Weakness: Tough, illusive limbs and heads, but destroying ALL the heads kills it.


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