Deadlands: The Flood

Session Recap 19: Story of my life part 4

Whateley's blood

Hmm… How can I put this… Something strange happened to me today, like every day nova days, but yeah back to the point. Last think I remember was that Big Tom incite me to climb over flipped wagon to see what is inside it. I fell to a haystack and Tumblebleeds knocked me out. Now I was staring paper that my blood family member had wrote while ago in here Whateley’s manor… How the hell I got there. Only thing I remember between that was a terrible nightmare that I had seen since Mexico and when Tommy Knockers got me.

Anyway, there was this 18-20 looking brawny guy named “James” looking us amazed. There was something wrong about this boy. He didn’t remember anything about past, other people. Only thing he remembered that where the manor’s library was and that’s all I need to know about right now.

There I looked books about Whateley, because there could be something about Whateley’s sanctum. I know that there is place for us, if thing go south. But knowing the location was a tricky part but I know where to find it. Before I focus it I tried to look books about magic and I got some luck with me. I find Hoyle book of games -77, well its new but fast looking it trough I might learn something in there.

While I was reading Mercer, Ross and James was looking around the house and Ace was READING. Yes, I didn’t know that he will read anything else than name on the whiskey bottle, usually he skip that too.

I begin ritual at the cellar. Everything was going okay, until I accidentally skipped a row and… Next thing I remembered was location of a Whateley’s sactum, pain in my armpits and on my cheek.
I looked to a mirror and fuck… Now I have dint in my cheek. Well fuck it, we have lots of thing to do. Big Tom said something about it what he things funny and I was about to shoot him about it. That man is starting to get on my nerves. Mercer told that James eated black skull, that was a heart of a big skeleton and started to argue with Ross about to kill James because of it… I really didn’t care. This is Maze, you eat what you have to eat.

After few moments we was ready to go. We headed to a Whateley island where the sanctum and the Earth mark was. When we was near, Big Tom told us that he saw Kang’s ship in the bay. What the hell gooks are doing here. Another side of a island was a old harbor where we left our boat. Mercer and I when up to a mesa and saw ruins and some gook patrol and one ogre with them. Great… Gook’s have destroyed this place and they should all die right now…

We sneaked to a ruins and there I find something interesting while others was searching secret door to a cellar. Page I find was a page of a book called Necronomicon. And that’s some interesting shit. Others found a secret corridor behind a bookshelf. We started to work our way trough the rubble.

At the night Ross wake me up to my watch. He said he will show me the best place to be. There he told me something that I really didn’t want to hear to anyone. Usually these stuff you want to find out yourself and let nobody know about it… I was dead… A Harrowed, demon inside my head… That explains everything.. Ross told me that tumbblebleed killed me, but since I have seen nightmares when we was in Mexico. I think Tommy Knockers killed me there… Well fucking great. This mission was hard without this… Now I have to fear that its takes control and I mess up with everything. That’s why I told Ross that if he things that I’m losing it, he will let Ace just shoot me in the head…

At the morning we continued. Me and Ross when to a little sneaking mission to the bay. There we find out that they were mining something there, maybe ghost rock. But more shocking things to come. Their commander here was Sun Tzu, Kang’s war tactician. How didn’t he noticed us. Well we warn other that who are we against here and that they patrol island with boats too.

While other dig I read more about that ritual and noticed that it should tell blueprints of this place. I did ritual all over again and now it worked. I saw Gook’s mining progress too. But there was a cave under water which connects to tunnel to ruins. We started to figure out plan to get there and for that, we need Ross’s powers. He when to do his rituals…



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