Alex Ross

Texas Ranger/Voodooist


Sturdy man from depths of Africa.

5’7 tall, strange green eyes, Black Hair, but keeps shaving his head. Has a brandmark burned on his hand which he hides under leather bracelet. Wears neclase made from human and animal bones almost all times.

Stats: Ag:d8, Sm:d6, Sp:d8, Str:d6, Vi:d8
Skills: Fighting:d8, Riding:d6, Shooting:d8, Notice:d4, Streetwise:d6, Survival:d6, Taunt:d6, Tracking:d6, Occult:d6, Guts:d6, Intimidation:d8, Faith:d8


Loyal, Vow (Texas Ranger), Bad Dreams, Forsaken


Blessed (voodoo), Conviction, Champion, Elan
To redeem himself, Alex has given his body to be a tool for the spirits, who do not see Alex worthy, but his cause. Therefore he is a powerful voodoist when effecting others, but spirits haven’t forgotten his abusive use of power and Alex doesn’t wish to contact spirits that helped him bring down the family of Ross anymore.

Texas Ranger, Marksman, Quick draw, Killer Instinct, Strong willed, Healer
Agymah is a tough survivor and after taking the name of Ross and enlisting to army he fought his way to the ranks of Texas Rangers. As for his new life, he has trained his body and mind to survive without his arcane powers. He has also proven to be quite a surgeon on his travels. It seems that skinning and putting your companions together after fight have a lot in common.


Slave, freed by war, balancing between his own believes and the code of Texas Rangers.

Birthname: Agymah Coujoe
Birthplace: Ghana, Africa
Date of Birth: 13.10.1841

Ross & Voodoo: meeting with Papa Ghede
Taken from conversation with Blake Eagle and Gao Lin

Oh, you deal with the devil to get more power and you wonder why I let myself go with some mambo jambo at night time? huh. I prefer to be on good terms with spirits I have my dealings, although some want to take a walk sometimes in my skin. Don’t try to lecture me boy, It really ain’t that bad, if you know EXACTLY who you’re dealing with.

Why a man like me would let spirits possess my body in first place? It’s probably best to start from the beginning. You’re so young that you don’t probably even remember what kind of life we negros had before the war. I actually was born in Africa. From my first breath onwards I was somebody’s property and as I was raised by that in mind, I didn’t even mind the fact. My sister, Imani thought different. She would always talk about freedom… I thought that she was out of her mind.

My sister and I were taken from Africa to America when I was 12 years old. We started to “work” for a really wealthy family. We weren’t used to weathers in America and within five years most of us shipped goods were killed by sickness and the ignorance of our owners. One night Imani woke me and said that she would escape and hoped that I would come with her. I didn’t think that freedom would offer anything worth the risk; we were being killed by this land even as it was. She cried all night for my decision.

Two nights later I woke up as men were shouting and saddling horses to start chasing an escapee. I slipped away to follow them. After many hours they caught her by a river. Son of the ranch owner shot her to shoulder and river took her. They never found her.

You would think that burying someone close to you would be worst thing to happen… but not knowing if she was dead or alive started to drive me crazy. I only had one people to talk to and now she might be dead or needing my assistance somewhere. So I went to the only man that might be able to help me in our community. I came to know him as papa Saledi.

Papa Saledi had a circle of young voodooist he taught in secret. At first I assisted them in rituals, did some walking on flaming coals and other rituals they used to contact the spirit world. I couldn’t get an answer from papa Saledi, who said that spirits could be mysterious from time to time. I started to feel frustrated and betrayed but continued still in hope to hear something.

Then come a Monday night with our ritual and we started as usual, but then something strange happened: Papa Saledi stopped the whole ritual out of nowhere. He stared to emptiness and seemed to mumble to someone that wasn’t there. Then he nodded and started to turn his eyes to our group again… and they stopped to look straight at me. He raised his hand and waved for me to come to his side in the center of the circle. I felt my body shaking as I walked forward. He offered me his pipe and I started to smoke it.

I can’t explain what happened next. I started to see things from another world. Ghostly people dancing, laughing, staring, shifting… and from their midst walked a short dark man, with a top hat, cigar in his mouth, cane in one hand and apple in another. Unlike other ghostly people he seemed to be more…real.. not shifting, but like a rock among water. He grinned at me and took an bite out of the apple.

“You looking for sister, yes? Questions not answered, yes? Help I can”

“You give loan to me… I pay back with answers.”

My mind didn’t keep up. I didn’t understand. I asked what he needed for loan. Man with the hat started laughing.

“Your Body. Fun will be had. Afterwards you will know.”

I said yes. Of course I said yes. This seemed like real deal and I wasn’t thinking straight, but I wanted to get that thing over with… and to be honest, losing control for a moment felt good.
He grinned and joined with me… and we danced and drank and smoked and danced. After couple of hours I dropped to my knees and felt that I was alone again.. for a moment. Then I saw the ghostly people again. And one of them closed in and I knew it was Imani. I learned that she had drowned and been eaten by animals. My heart sank, but I could say that she wasn’t that sad. Then I returned fully to the real world.

Later as I talked with Papa Samedi he told me that I had met papa Ghede, known to be corpse of the first man to die. He also told that getting that kind of connection with a spirit that strong happened rarely and papa Ghede didn’t show up too often. I really don’t know why he chose me that night. Might be because of his strange sense of humor, as I never was the one to let myself live. Or he had really boring night. But after that he has visited me many times.

I was taken as part of Samedis “inner circle” that night. With them I practiced Voodoo until… until I didn’t. It’s probably best if I’ll go and release Bronson from his duties on the deck…

Alex Ross

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